About Henry

This little love left this earth in November of 2016. He is still very much missed!

He has many nicknames. Hennyboy, Hank, Henri, The Boy, Velcro Boy, Monshishi, Monkey. Almost everyone who meets him says to me, “I don’t usually like little dogs but I love Henry!”

He loves to camp, hike and take in a beautiful sunset. His favorite thing in the world is his ball.

He’s had 2 knee surgeries in the past 5 years. He’s a terrier and can’t be stopped. If he’s at the dog park and there are no other dogs to play with he’ll just tear around in circles all by himself.

He has to wear a jacket sometimes. He doesn’t have fur but hair, so in the wet and rainy Vancouver winter my dog needs a coat. Deal with it.

He’s very photogenic. I must have 3000 pictures of him. In case you were wondering… no, I don’t have any kids.

He thinks he’s a water dog. He swims and swims and swims! He doesn’t look very pretty when he’s wet…. kind of like an XL rat. But once he dries off he’s back to cutie Henry.