Athens, Greece Day 151

Today was an adventure. I wish I could a FUN adventure, but it was not to be… at least for the start of the day. We had to make our way to Piraeus to pick up all of our ferry tickets for our Greece travel at Sealines, the company that we booked our ticket through. Didn’t seem like a big deal in March when we made our reservations, and we wanted to save the 58 euro it would have cost to mail them to Canada. Can I tell you that it so would have been worth the 58 euro rather than have to stand on a hot, sticky, dirty Athens bus for 40 minutes each way with people who mostly didn’t wear any deodorant? The temperature that day was 38 degrees, and inside the bus it felt like 200. It was gross. It would have been easy if the Metro hadn’t been on strike, but they are making their point by inconveniencing the people who bring the most money to their country, the tourists. Point taken. So we get there and tell them we’re there to pick up our tickets. The first guy clearly wanted to finish the sandwich he was eating so he wasn’t very helpful, but the second guy spoke English and got out tickets for us and asked why we didn’t pick our tickets up yesterday since our boat for Mykonos left that morning at 7:35. Oops. I accidentally booked our ferry a day early. Crap. So I had to pay another 80 euro for a second set of ferry tickets for the next morning. At least there was room left on that ferry or we would have been hooped! All’s well that ends well.
~ ~ ~
A little graffiti… so colourful.
I thought this was an interesting statement.
I’m in olive heaven here!
Why do I keep running into scary ass dolls? These were just sitting on the street like this for no good reason.
So after our bus adventure we had a little lunch and went back to the hotel for a rest. It was so disgustingly hot, it’s hard to enjoy yourself when it’s like that. We wanted to go to the Acropolis closer to sunset so that would give us a couple of hours to have a nap in our air conditioned room (thank god for AC!)
~ ~ ~
The view as we start to climb our way to the top. Here’s a little tidbit that I didn’t know about before…. Acropolis means upper city, and the most sacred building was always at the top to protect it. The towns people could escape to the Acropolis during invasions as well for safety.
This is the theatre of Herod Atticus and it was built in 161 AD. It’s still used today for concerts and shows.
This is the entrance to get to the Parthenon. Sadly many of the monuments (including the Parthenon) were covered in scaffolding. Restoration is in progress, but it sort of takes away from taking a good photo of it!
This is The Parthenon. Construction started on it in 447 BC and continued until 432 BC. It is quite the majestic monument. Scholars today still marvel at the whole “how did they do that?” aspect of it. First of all it’s massive. And architecturally it’s a masterpiece. It’s hard to believe that it’s over 2000 years old,
This is the Erecthion which sits on the most sacred sight of the Acropolis. Legend has it that Poseiden and Athena had a little contest here to see who would be the Patron of the city. Athena won, so the city is now called… ATHENS!
Parthenon again…
This is Mount Lycabettos.
OK. I’m not becoming one of those crazy cat ladies. I promise. But there are so many cute cats here it’s really hard to NOT take at least one photo of one cat a day. So, for the duration of my Greece travels, I’m going to have the “cat of the day.” So, here’s my cat for today. Isn’t he a peach?
This dog was killing me. Yeah, I’m just hanging out in the window.
I couldn’t decide which photo I liked better so I posted both!
I love that there are ruins just sitting alongside a super busy roadway.
We had a nice walk around the Plaka area (just below the Acropolis) which is a really nice neighbourhood. We grabbed some dinner at a cool little place, but were quite disconcerted by how much of a police presence there was. This might seem comforting to some, but with all of the problems in the city right now (riots, protests etc.) it felt a bit uncomfortable for us. There were a couple of times today when we were walking around and it seemed like there was trouble brewing. Lots of police, paddy wagons and a weird energy in the air. I’m happy we’re headed to the islands tomorrow, I need a vacation! hee.


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4 Responses to Athens, Greece Day 151

  1. Anonymous September 4, 2011 at 9:02 pm #

    Andrea, I think that the reason you are running into “scary-ass” dolls is because you own one. It is just poor fingerless/toeless Baby Ron’s way of saying hi – he doesn’t want you to forget him…. have fun in the Greek Islands you two.
    xo Mom

  2. Andrea September 9, 2011 at 12:05 pm #

    I should have brought Baby Ron with me…. he would have been a conversation starter (or stopper!)

  3. Pat Wattam, Realtor September 10, 2011 at 2:26 am #

    We are headed to Athens next Tuesday. Is there a strike on with transportation??

  4. Andrea September 10, 2011 at 2:33 pm #

    Hi Pat!
    yes, there have been rotating strikes ever since we’ve gooten here. In Athens the metro was on strike the day we needed it, and the taxi’s have been striking a lot, even on the islands. It sucks. We get travel alerts from the Air Miles Rewards program, so google that and see if you can get something similar emailed to you, as it’s changing on a daily basis. Good luck!

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