Barcelona, Spain Day 30

I woke up so lethargic today. Just didn’t have it in me to give, so I did the hop on/ hop off bus tour, and it was great! Barely walked at all, my feetsies really needed the break. I got off at Placa de Catalunya, which is where I was going to change over the the red line to go to Parc Guell. 
There’s a El Corte Ingles in that square, and something has been niggling me on and off for the past couple of weeks. Well, since Dinan, France (to be precise) when I broke the lens cover and some other bit off of my camera. It still works, but just not quite the same as it used to. The zoom didn’t work any more, and there was something off with the light intake on the lens I think. I just found I was suddenly deleting a lot more pictures. I knew that El Corte Ingles has an electronic department, so I thought I’d check it out while I was there. 
The salesman and I had the most hilarious bad English/bad Spanish conversation ever! It was like an episode of Mr. Bean! That’s kind of how he talked, you know when Mr. Bean is trying to say something, but he just kind of groans and grunts to get his message across, with the odd understandable word here and there?  It’s just lucky I knew exactly what I wanted, otherwise I’d have been hooped. So basically I got the exact same camera as I have now, only it’s much smaller and lighter and has 14.1 pixels instead of 7.1. PLUS, I now have a very expensive souvenir of Barcelona.

So, camera in hand, I get on the bus going to Park Guell. This is another work of Gaudi, and it was soooo busy! It was a gorgeous day, and everyone wanted to be in the park. I walked to the very top of the hill and took some photos, but the main heart of the park is really right at the entrance where the dragon fountain, the pavilions and the longest bench in the world is. This bench is so cool… it has ceramic plates mosaic tiled right into the seats, and it’s like a long wave undulating around the square. 
There was a great little jazz band playing, the sun was shining and I was sitting there just feeling so full of life!  
Speaking of life, I’ve been thinking about life and death a lot lately. None of us know if it’ll be today, tomorrow or 40 years from now when our time here is done. It’s so easy to say live life to the fullest, but until you are counting those days, I don’t know that any of us can truly live by that. I know I can’t, but so help me, I’m trying!
That’s a big reason why I wanted to do this trip now. I was getting worried that something might happen to me before I did this one thing that I’ve always wanted to do. It’s not like I obsess about it or anything, but it’s been niggling me and I’m so glad I finally decided to just friggin’ do it already!

Next I went to the Joan Miro Museum.  Oh what an amazing artist! The museum is on Montjuic, in an open, modern, airy space. When I look at his work I can definitely see that who he was friends with influenced his work. Alexander Calder was a good friend and there are a couple of his pieces in the gallery. Calder painting and made sculptures. Did you know he’s the guy who invented the mobile?
Picasso was also in his circle, and you can clearly see that there are elements of his style right there in Miro’s canvases. On that note, he was also kind of unconventional about his materials. He worked on everything from paper, canvas, MDF board and found textiles. He also did some mixed media works as well as collage, sculpture and ceramics. 
His work is child-like in some aspects, but buried in the simple lines and bright colours were political statements, as he was greatly opposed to Franco and exiled during his rule. If you’re ever in Barcelona, come see their home boy, Joan Miro! 
I needed some dinner at this point, and went out in search of tapas… what else? I found this odd little place down some weird little alley and had a pretty good meal actually! Started off with a mojito, and had some anchovies and grilled prawns. Then, after dinner the owner brought over a little shot glass aperitif type of thing. It was coffee liqueur, mixed with Limonetta and whisky. Sounds strange, but it was deliciously refreshing! A great way to end a great day.



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