Barcelona, Spain Day 31

I had a good last day in Barcelona. My train for Montpellier didn’t leave until almost 5:00, so I had most of the day to muck about and go to the Picasso Museum. I wasn’t going to go since I went to the one in Malaga, but I’d heard this one has way more of his work, and it chronicles his life. The galleries are divided into the different parts of his life, starting in his teen years. It was clear from the start that he was a talent. The work he was producing at 14 years old was way beyond his years. And the sheer volume of work he produced over his lifetime! The gallery is huge, and it’s all him. Amazing. Just the building itself is worth a visit. The gallery is in the middle of a little neighbourhood, you sort of have to work to find it as it’s not on a prominent street. Then there’s the line up to contend with. I guess I better just get used to that for when I get to Italy, eh? I’ve been lucky so far, barely had to line up for anything! Oh, except for the Picasso Museum in Malaga. Ha.
So,  I took the Metro from my hotel to the train station, as the cab from the train station to the hotel was 13 euro (money well spent, mind you!) As I was buying my ticket I heard this voracious barking, sort of like Henry when he sees a black cat, but times 100. I looked around, and saw it was the security guard’s German Shepard just letting this guy have it. He had a muzzle on, so there wasn’t any chance of anyone getting hurt, but I’ve never heard barking like this before. I don’t know if the guy had drugs on him or what, but this dog wanted blood, and it was a good thing he was muzzled!
So, the train ride was pretty uneventful, other than having a stinky guy sitting next to me on the train. I had to breathe through my mouth the entire 4 hour ride, not nice! Then at the French border, 6 or 7 customs guys get on and are looking in people’s bags, checking passports and being generally intimidating. The guy next to me had all of his bags searched for some reason. I think it was racial profiling,  to be honest! So I arrive in Montpellier at just after 9:00. Thankfully my hotel is just around the corner so I just walk over and check in. I’m starved and head out for some food. Ordering Subway in another language is a feat of strength, I swear! I’ve never had my sub toasted before. Well, now I have (and it was good!) I didn’t know the words for any of the veggies so I just made a circling motion with my hand and said “everything.” Not very exciting I know, but did the job! Montpellier must be a university town because the rowdies were out, let me tell you! Drunk, screaming girls being held up by their friends and guys pushing each other around…. Ah memories of my youth that are better left in 1993.
Inner courtyard of Picasso Museum.
Sour candy store… happy pills, love it!


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2 Responses to Barcelona, Spain Day 31

  1. Michele May 9, 2011 at 8:25 am #

    I’m so glad you were finally able to upload your pictures of Barcelona! It’s just one of my favorite cities in the world and your pictures are fantastic. You make me miss Spain!

  2. Andrea May 11, 2011 at 3:56 pm #

    I already miss Spain! The food, the food! I just love their food…. sigh. Ah well, at least I’ll be in Italy soon, my other favourite cuisine!

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