Bergen, Norway Day 100

I’ve made it to Day 100. That is crazy to think I’ve been traveling for 100 days… in a row!
Michele and I are counting ourselves extremely lucky to get a rare and cherished sunny day in Bergen. It’s just like Vancouver in that it’s a totally different town when the sun is shining. People are smiling. People are friendly. People are just out and about, period! I think Bergen is ranking up there as one of my favourite places so far. That is saying a lot, because at this point I have seen so many towns and cities, but this place is special. Rick Steeves was right! (Go Rick!) I watched his show on Bergen, and you could tell he just loved it here. It reminds me a little of the town in the Popeye movie. (You know the one with Robin Williams that no one saw?) The houses are all crooked, nothing matches and they’re all painted pretty colours. It’s magic.

You’re in a cute little quaint town in Norway. You’re just not expecting to see posters of Kanye West coming to do a show here, are you?

Reindeer pelts. You could smell them from a few feet away.

Viking statue in Torgallmenningen SquareGreat little neighbourhood houses and streets.


A Bergen T-Shirt.

Some of the UNESCO World Site Hanseatic Buildings of Bryggen (Norwegian for wharf.) This is the oldest part of the city and where the Hanseatic merchants gradually took over the buildings and used them to store their goods. Look at how uneven and crooked the buildings are!

I’m not exactly sure what this building is but it had a sign on it that said it was built in 1666.

A statue of one of the kings of Norway.

This is a rampart that must have a 15 foot drop to the street below. No fences, no guard rails. Just a sign saying CAREFUL! Of course, my first thought was “What if you brought your dog down here and he was chasing something and went over the wall?” but then realised that the real problem would be a kid (or late at night, a drunk!) going over. You would NEVER see something like this in North America. It’s just a lawsuit waiting to happen! Having said all that, I find it kind of refreshing that it isn’t all cordoned off and uber safe. We’re evolved enough as humans that we should be able to control our pets, children and selves from stepping over a large wall, aren’t we?

Bergenhus Castle.It was constructed by Ling Hakon Hakonsson in the mid 13th century as a royal residence.

I love me some gargoyles. Not sure though if a pretty woman’s face is called a gargoyle or something else. I always associate a gargoyle with something ugly!

 Next we took the funicular to the top of Floyen, a mountainous area in Bergen. There are all kinds of trails once you reach the top, but we only had time to check out the view and then walk down. There were lots of people walking up but WHY? I am a firm believer (especially now as I’m trying to preserve my poor feet) that if there is an alternate way to get to the top of a very steep hill, why not take it? Walking down was lovely though.

The Floibanen. (funicular)

I love this sign because I’m forever asking for directions!






Michele was VERY excited to discover that the beer at this cute little pub were just 44 krona. Apparently this is very cheap for beer in Norway, and cheap is always welcome, especially when it applies to beer.

LOVED this bathroom sign at the airport!

We took this teeny tiny plane back to Sandefjord.

It was 10:10 and the sun still hadn’t set. CRAZY! I know I’m going on about this, but it’s very unsettling when you’re not used to it!

We got some gorgeous views of the fjords and glaciers since it was such a clear day, er, night. Yup, it was about 10:30 when I took these.


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3 Responses to Bergen, Norway Day 100

  1. Michele July 17, 2011 at 12:24 pm #

    Oh, Andrea, I miss you so much. 🙁 I can’t remember when I’ve had such a delightful travel partner (oops, apologies to the Husband there).

    Your pictures are FABulous! I haven’t even begun to sort out mine yet, nor have I blogged. I might just put up a link to your blog and write, “Please go here.”

    The statue (I think) is King Haakon VII, father to King Olav (super popular king who died in 1991), grandfather of our current King Harold, and great-grandfather to handsome Crown Prince Haakon. King Haakon VII was actually Danish but was kind enough to come on over to Norway, give up his name and title (Prince Carl of Denmark) and become our king. I guess we were short on kings for a while in history. 😉

    I see I’m wearing my crazy smile in most of these pictures, especially the 44 kroner beer photo. I was pretty crazy about that!

  2. Andrea July 31, 2011 at 3:41 pm #

    I love the crazy smile! I always look a bit “pained” in photos…. I usually feel so much happier than I look!


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