Berlin to Prague Train Day 118

Today I was on the train for almost 5 hours so I could give my poor feet a rest and just sit back and look out the window. I met these two young guys from London on the train. They had been partying the night before at some sort of rave and were feeling rough. I felt like such a mom, I had a bag full of drugs (very different from the type I’m sure they’d been enjoying the night before) so I gave one of them some Gravol, and the other some Ibuprofen. My good deed for the day!
There is some very pretty scenery from Berlin to Prague. I always see random funny and strange things while I’m looking out the window. Today it was a runaway chicken and rooster on the street. I don’t know what they were doing but I like to think they were eloping. Tired of the coop life, they risked it all and escaped to the real world to try and find happiness. Yes, I’m spending too much time alone again.  It’s good for the creativity though, I’m sure of it! Hee.
~ ~ ~
I got to Prague at about 3:30.  Why did I think Czech Republic used the Euro? They don’t! It took me 45 minutes to get money out of the bank machine and go buy something to get change so I could buy a Metro ticket. It was so busy at the train station, it was insane. I must now confess that the masses of people are bothering me. I’m starting to do that thing where you say mean things to people in your head and only wish you could say them out loud.  There are just too many people. And now I’m in Prague, which is so beautiful, but so over-crowded with tourists. I know, I know… I’m one of them too. It’s part of the deal when you travel. I think for me it’s just over exposure. I’ve been at it now for almost 4 months! I don’t know how I keep going sometimes! I feel like the Energizer bunny doing a marathon sometimes, to be honest. But I wouldn’t trade it for the world, annoying people and all.
~ ~ ~
So I’m staying in a rather unique hotel… it’s actually a boatel! I have a lovely view of the river (right outside my window) with the lights of Prague Castle in the background. As I was sitting here writing this I could hear ducks quacking outside my window. It’s by far my most unique lodging so far. Is it fancy? Nope! But it’s 35 euro a night, clean and totally central. It’ll be a fine home base for my 4 nights in Prague.
View from my window of the castle. It looks 100% more beautiful at night.
I just did a little wander after dinner. First impressions of Prague? It’s spectacular!
The Ugly Duckling.
One of the best statues I’ve seen in all of Europe in front of the Kafka Museum.
One of the towers at the end of Karl’s Bridge.
I don’t speak the language the notation is in, but the message is clear.
Staromestske Namesti. (Old Town Square)
Once, a long, long time ago Joanne and I were doing the Toronto One of a Kind Show together. This guy we knew was helping a friend with her booth. He was bored and would come over to chat with us. He decided he was going to make it his mission to find the ugliest thing in the show and buy it. Well he came back a couple of hours later wearing this hilarious thing on his head made of feathers, pipe cleaners and sparklybobbly things. Oh my god, Joanne and I almost peed our pants laughing. First of all that this big guy was wearing it, but also that ANYONE would buy one and wear it (and believe you me, there were a lot of ladies walking by wearing them!) So, why am I telling this story? Well, I think I found the ugliest and tackiest souvenir in all of Europe, but I simply couldn’t buy it because it was so very, very ugly. The men in my life might appreciate it, but I digress… Oh yeah, stamped on the booby salt and pepper shakers? I love Prague. Good to know.


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