Bomlitz Germany Day 93

My day started by going to gymnastics with Karin. I was not exactly sure what German “gymnastics” entailed, but it was just an aerobics class… whewf… It was interesting (trying to) follow along in German, and feeling out of shaped having not exercised in over 3 months (well, other than walking miles and miles.) 
Then we went to the outdoor pool, but it was so cold we only stayed for a few minutes. I like swimming, but I’m not really into doing laps, and thankfully neither was Karin. I was just hoping to sit in the sun, but it was even a bit too chilly for that!

In the afternoon we went to this kooky guys home-made “castle.” It’s called Isherhat-sche, which I think mans “Iron Heart.” The original building is actually quite nice. It was built in the early 1900’s and from what I could understand ( the guided tour was in German and Manfred was translating for me) it was a school, then a hospital, a hunting lodge and now the personal home of the man who owns the property and is creating his “dream home playground” there. 
I wasn’t allowed to take photos inside the lodge because the family still lives there, but my impressions were that this guy thinks an awful lot of himself due to the portraits he’s had done of himself and his wife. I think he fancies himself to be like royalty. Um, nope! You were just lucky enough to be born into money and can now fulfill your (strange) fantasy! The rooms were so over decorated, and really quite gaudy. Not my taste, that’s for sure! The dining room looked like it could have been in Versailles for cripes sake! Look at the website for photos, I just can’t properly describe it here. It’s in German but you can translate it for more hilarity.

This is the owner and his wife, in a strange cardboard cut-out attached to the outside wall of the home. We saw him driving around in a golf cart later on.
The garden was by far the most beautiful part of the home. It had a sculpture garden with a tree that has numerous bells that chime on the hour.
The iron-bell-rowan-tree that I was talking about above.
This, my friends, is called Montagnetto. Considering how much money this guy has, I’m not sure why his creation looks like a fifth rate Disneyland attraction. It has a volcano, a waterfall, a witch’s cave, and for you romantics out there, you can get married here! 
Our guide stopped to show us the big show. We waited and waited, only to see some fire come out of the top of the volcano in a half hearted manner. Inside there is there is also the owners casket on display for when his time comes, complete with pajamas ready to go. It really was quite strange, but we thought it was all pretty funny. This attraction only opened 2 years ago and Karin and Manfred had never been so they took the opportunity to see it with me. It was worth it only if for the weirdness of it!
A collection of sugar packets. This was just one part… there were hundreds of them!
Beer coasters from all over the world.
Thousands of beer bottles! I can’t remember how many, but it was like looking at someones crazy being in here…
This was my favourite part… the matchbox collection!
The newest part of his madness, er, theme park is Noah’s Ark! I guess they rent it out for parties because there’s a room inside it with a table and chairs. Kids would love this, it really is a bit like a playground.
The good luck horseshoe tree!
Today was “International Kissing Day” so I found myself a nice gnome to give my kiss to. Look, I think he’s blushing…

As we were walking the grounds we were talking a bit about what we would do if we had all the money in the world and it got me thinking… I would love to realise my dream of having a hobby farm with goats and chickens and an art studio… That’s not even an outlandish dream, so maybe it will become a reality in the next few years! I’ve been wanting goats for a long time now, don’t ask me why! I just think they’re cute, and they’re good little lawn mowers!
This guy’s next project is making a reproduction of a castle in Luxembourg out of wine bottles. This is as far as he’s gotten so far. 
Schweine-Hund. If someone calls you a schweine-hund, that is NOT a good thing. (Pig-dog!)



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