Bruges, Belgium Day 82

Bruges. Or as the Belgian’s call it, Brugge. What a lovely, magical place. I think it might be my favourite place so far. Yes, it is touristy, and yes, there are oh so many tourists here, jostling you, pushing you, making you wait in line-ups. But you don’t care, because the city is so beautiful. Maybe it’s the beer buzz that takes away your worries,or the chocolate induced high but whatever the case it is a city that has the best of everything. Immediately I knew I didn’t book enough time here. In retrospect I should have ixnayed Koblenz and just come straight to Bruges, but all that means is this is  place to return to… and soon! My hotel was just a block away from Markt square in town where the belfry is (you know, the one from that movie???) and the room had a nice view of it. I got in later in the day and didn’t have enough time to really DO anything, so I just decided to go for a beer then walk around the town and get an idea of what I wanted to do the following day (our only real day) in Bruges.

Wooden shoes!

Burg Square is a must see when in Bruges. It’s a close walk from the Markt Square and was once the site of a fortress built by the Count of Flanders in the 10th century. The Basilica of the Holy Blood is one of the important buildings on the site now. It was built in the 12th century and within it’s walls is a holy relic said to contain a drop of the blood of Christ.
This is the Town Hall built in 1376 in the Gothic style, also in Burg Square.
 Right beside Town Hall is the Old Civil Registry built in 1534 in the Renaissance style. So beautiful.
Marzipan. Looks lovely, but I’m really not a big fan of the marzipan.
 Bruges is called Venice of the North because of all the canals.
The Belgian chocolatiers enjoy the use of body parts when it comes to making their chocolates. This one had large booby chocolates…
And small boobies too!
Enjoying the first of my Belgian beers. This one was a Leffe Blond.
Bruges Zot, the newest beer from the family brewery called De Halve Maan.
Moules Frites. I had this exact same meal 2 nights in a row.
Anyone who knows me knows I love goats. I prefer them alive rather than stuffed, but these guys were pretty cute!
Maybe the best place to do a horse and carriage ride in the world?
View of the belfry.
Night time view of the Markt Square. This is a gorgeous city by night.


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