Carcassonne and Lyon, France Day 34

Ah, the places that the quest for free wifi will take you. So, you know I ate at the same not so great, expensive restaurant in Carcassonne because they had wifi. Here’s a tip to cafe and restaurant owners out there. If you advertise free wifi, you will get more customers. Simple as that! It is hard to find, and believe me, I have now eaten at a few places (mostly for lunch) just because they had free wifi. In Vancouver, Starbucks is probably the best place for the free wifi. I don’t really love Starbucks and wouldn’t generally choose to go there, but all you have to do is click “I Accept” and you can log on. Not in Europe! It seems you have to have a cell phone account and enter your phone number and some password in to be able to access Starbucks wifi.
***UPDATE! It depends which country you’re in. Starbucks seems to work in most countries***
But McDonald’s (here in France) is free like the Starbucks at home. All you have to do is click “I Accept” and bam, you have wifi. I just buy a coffee and sit there for 2 hours waiting for my train and no one bothers me. It’s great! Way cheaper than having to spend 12 euro on lunch, right? That’s not to say I haven’t had the odd McChicken, but I digress. I found all kinds of hot spots that claim FREE wifi, but for most of them you have enter additional information. It’s so annoying! Don’t say it’s free if it isn’t!
~ ~ ~
The lady who greets you at the gate to the medieval village of Carcassonne. Me thinks she’s a little lopsided?
A few shots of the larger town of Carcassonne. I had to walk from the medieval village to the train station because the shuttle doesn’t run on Sunday. Good to know!
Not a great shot, but this is the view of Carcassonne from afar. It really is a majestic place.
The train station is right beside a canal. They were filling this chute with water to bring the boat up to the level of the water so it could motor away!
My first little tour of Lyon. Jeanette and Didier took me for a drive when I got off the train, and we went up to the church on the hill (will know it’s name tomorrow when we go to have a real look at it!) to look at the view. There is a mini Eiffel Tower up there as well!


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