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Vienna, Austria Day 127

My mom mentioned a song by Billy Joel called “Vienna Waits for You” so I went and googled the lyrics just to see what the song is about. Well, suffice it to say, the words kind of resonated with me! OK, OK, I may not be a juvenile, but remember, my blog IS called My […]

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Vienna, Austria Day 126

Ah, Vienna. This could be the one place so far that I just didn’t allocate enough time to. Already I can tell that I’m  going to like it here. It’s SO clean. Unbelievably clean, it’s crazy! The people are reserved but friendly once you get them talking. And the galleries! How do you choose? So my day […]

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Kutna Hora to Vienna Train Day 125

I tried in vain to get instructions from a totally non-English speaking woman at the Kutna Hora train station about trying to get to Vienna today. She handed me this printout that had like, 6 train changes to get there, whereas if I just made the hour long train ride back to Prague then I […]

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Salzburg, Austria Day 74

Well this was one long day full of activity! I warned Paul he better be prepared to keep up with me, and he passed with flying colours today! We were up early to take the 8:27 train to Salzburg, Austria, birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. That has nothing to do with what we did today, […]

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