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Allegra Stein just might have the best chocolate chip cookie going.

I met Allegra Stein online a few months ago and she answered my plea on Facebook when I asked if anyone knew of a REALLY, REALLY, REALLY good chocolate chip cookie recipe. I went to my local grocery store to get the ingredients I didn’t readily have in my pantry and whipped up a batch. […]

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Seriously the best peanut butter cookies in the world

Yes, this recipe for peanut butter cookies is another one of my moms. It’s a classic, just not one the kids can take to school, which royally sucks. How so many kids can be allergic to peanuts that its BANNED from schools is beyond me! Anyways, here’s the recipe, I hope you like it as […]

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Becca’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

When my friend Becca was pregnant she got on a kick to make the best chocolate chip cookie in the world. She tried many different incarnations, and this is the final one, the perfect, the divine, the best cookie she came up with. It’s good, very good. I’ve tried to make many a chocolate chip […]

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Mara’s Chewy Oatmeal Cookies

My mom is an amazing baker and cook. I’ve pretty well learned all I know from her. Heck I’m almost 42 and I still call her with technical questions on a monthly basis, so lets just say she’s my baking mentor. This, however, is not one of her recipes… it’s my dad’s former secretary Mara’s. […]

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Auntie Sophie’s Sugar Cookies

My mom comes from a large Ukrainian family in Alberta, Canada. They were true pioneers who were given free land by the government (free meaning it was stumpy, rocky, crappy land that no one else wanted.) The pioneers had the last laugh though, because little did the government know then that the land they gave […]

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Dried Cranberry and White Chocolate Biscotti

Biscotti. I’m not a huge fan in general. Unless I’m in Italy, of course. Everything tastes better in Italy, but I digress. I find that North American biscotti is either hard, crumbly and tasteless or too soft like a traditional cookie. I’m also not the hugest fan of white chocolate, but there’s something about the […]

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