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Kutna Hora to Vienna Train Day 125

I tried in vain to get instructions from a totally non-English speaking woman at the Kutna Hora train station about trying to get to Vienna today. She handed me this printout that had like, 6 train changes to get there, whereas if I just made the hour long train ride back to Prague then I […]

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Kutna Hora, Czech Republic Day 124

 It was so hot a beer was very much needed! Today I made up for my lack of activity from yesterday. My head was still aching a bit but I couldn’t just sit in my room for one more day so off I went!  I walked this town three times over, I swear. It’s a […]

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Kutna Hora, Czech Republic Day 123

I think I know why I was feeling so sluggish yesterday… it was a migraine coming on. I woke up today to a splitting headache, dizziness and just not feeling up to, well, anything! But I had only 2 days here in Kutna Hora and there was a lot that I wanted to see, most […]

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Prague to Kutna Hora Train Day 122

Bye bye Prague! I got up this morning feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed (must have been all the nuts I ate the day before…) and headed to the metro to get to the train station. I realised that I didn’t have any coins, but figured that the machines must take bills. The ones in […]

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Prague, Czech Republic Day 121

Today I did something that I haven’t yet done on this trip. Nothing. That’s right! I’m in Prague, one of the most beautiful and historic cities in the world and I accomplishing squat. I’m still dealing with the guilt of the nothingness, but clearly I needed a day off. I’m not a robot! I can only do […]

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Prague, Czech Republic Day 120

Today just might have been my “near perfect” day. The weather was fabulous. Not too hot, sunny with a bit of high cloud.  I set out to find the Mucha Museum. Alphonse Mucha is one of my long standing favourite artists. He was known for his graphic design work of posters and books and postcards […]

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Prague, Czech Republic Day 119

What a lovely day and what a lovely city! It reminds me a lot of Bruges in that it’s so romantic and has so many old buildings. It’s a great wandering around city. If only it weren’t so busy! I know, I sound like a broken record but the number of people here is staggering! […]

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Berlin to Prague Train Day 118

Today I was on the train for almost 5 hours so I could give my poor feet a rest and just sit back and look out the window. I met these two young guys from London on the train. They had been partying the night before at some sort of rave and were feeling rough. […]

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