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This is my 400th Post.

  It seems totally insane that I started this blog in October of 2010 and it’s now February of 2019. Seems like a good time for a little reflection, doesn’t it? So, how has my life changed in 400 posts? ~ I’m not a jewelry designer anymore. ~ I’m not in a long-term (14 year) […]

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Lyon, France Day 37

Today we went to the Basilica Notre-Dame de Fourviere. It is a fairly new church (compared to some that I’ve already seen) having been built in the mid to late 1800’s, but it is by far one of the most beautiful. It has these mosaic scenes on the walls that are so spectacular that I knew […]

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Lyon, France Day 36

Had a great day with Jeanette in Lyon, She is a GREAT tour guide, and speaks le francais so can translate for me… it’s been so nice to just relax for a few days and not have to work so hard to get anything done. How do I get here? Where should I eat? What […]

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Lyon, France Day 35

I’m in Lyon now, gastronomic capital of France. My hosts, Jeanette and Didier have been treating me like royalty! They went out yesterday and bought a beautiful selection of meats and cheeses for me to try, Lyon style. My parents would be so proud! I ate some stinky, stinky cheeses that at home I’d probably […]

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Carcassonne and Lyon, France Day 34

Ah, the places that the quest for free wifi will take you. So, you know I ate at the same not so great, expensive restaurant in Carcassonne because they had wifi. Here’s a tip to cafe and restaurant owners out there. If you advertise free wifi, you will get more customers. Simple as that! It is […]

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Carcassonne, France Day 33

Did you know that when they say “sheets included” in the hostel, the sheets aren’t fabric, they’re paper? A strong, fibrous, disposable paper, but still, PAPER? They don’t feel the best against your skin. And I slept in a bunk bed for the past 2 nights. Adults are not meant to sleep in bunk beds, […]

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Montpellier & Carcassonne, France Day 32

*** I appear to have the power of photo uploading back… thank god! Still don’t know what the problem was, but I just altered my photo resolution in my camera to make the images smaller. Go figure! My day started out so nicely. I had about 3 hours to walk around Montpellier until my train […]

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Dinan to San SebastianTrain, Day 14

OK, for what was supposed to be an uneventful travel day, let’s just say it was kind of the exact OPPOSITE! I didn’t take many pictures because I was, in fact on a train or in a station for the majority of the day. My route was to take me from Dinan, France to San […]

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