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Berlin to Prague Train Day 118

Today I was on the train for almost 5 hours so I could give my poor feet a rest and just sit back and look out the window. I met these two young guys from London on the train. They had been partying the night before at some sort of rave and were feeling rough. […]

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Berlin, Germany Day 117

Oh the rain! The rain is putting just a *bit* of a damper on my enjoyment. It’s just relentless! And it seems to be following me! I checked the forecast, and it looks like rain in Prague for my first 2 days there, then sun. Please, let there be some sun! I know in 2 […]

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Berlin, Germany Day 116

Can I say how much I love Berlin? It’s not the prettiest city in the world, but what it lacks in beauty it makes up for in history, culture and an all-around cool factor. It reminds me of Paris in that there’s so much I want to see, and not enough time! I still have […]

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Berlin, Germany Day 115

I woke up this morning and pulled out my map. The only way I’m going to get through this city is if I have a plan. I decided to start my day at the East Side Gallery. This is a 25 mile section of the wall that was taken over by artist’s from all over […]

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Hamburg to Berlin Train Day 114

More and more I’m understanding the term “going postal.” I have now had my two most rage inducing moments of my entire 4 months so far in post offices. The first was the debacle in Florence when I was picking up the mail my dear little nephews sent me, and now in the postal outlet […]

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Hamburg, Germany Day 113

I woke up today to a beautiful sunshiny day! It made me so very happy, because frankly the last weeks weather has been crap, to say the least. I headed back to Hamburg Harbour to take a harbour tour by boat on the river Elbe. This harbour is a busy one. It’s the largest port […]

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Hamburg, Germany Day 112

Well, today started off like a herd of turtles. I needed a sleep-in and didn’t really get going until about 11:00. I was meeting my cousin Andrea back at my hotel for 4:00, so that gave me just enough time to head downtown and get a bit of a feel for Hamburg. The U Bahn […]

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Copenhagen to Hamburg Train Day 111

Today was a travel day… I got on the train headed for Hamburg. It was another dreary, drizzly day in Copenhagen, and after 3 full days here I was feeling ready to move on. The guy sitting across from me on the train had an adorable, sweet little Cocker Spaniel named Goldie, who I immediately started canoodling […]

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