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Athens to London Day 173

It was another early morning today… 5:00 am. I’m really not at my best at that time of the morning. Neither one of us slept all that well either. The beds at our hotel are akin to what I’d imagine prison beds to feel like; way too hard and not enough blankets. It’s hot in […]

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Athens Greece Day 172

I’m tired. I’m tired of people speaking foreign languages. I’m tired of being shoved. I’m tired of feeling like a walking dollar sign. I’m tired of being gawked at. I’m tired of deciding what restaurant to eat at. Then I’m tired of deciding what to eat at that restaurant. I’m tired of ruins. I’m tired […]

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Athens, Greece Day 171

We started our day off right today with a hearty breakfast of spanakopita and baklava! Well, Deb actually had a feta cheese pie and a baklava with chocolate cream and I had the spanakopita and a baklava type of sweet called kataifi. This bakery we found is great; it’s actually more Turkish than Greek, but […]

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Athens, Greece Day 170

We were awoken this morning at 6:00 am by the PA announcements to wake people up to get to their cars to drive off the ferry. That kind of sucked because we had set our alarm for 7:00. When we checked in the night before the front desk weren’t very clear on what the procedure […]

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Chania (Crete) Greece Day 169

We had a full day here in Chania because our bus back to Iraklion didn’t leave until 5:30. There was a museum we had walked by the day before that looked very interesting called The Archaeological Museum of Chania. It had a great collection of Minoan pottery and all sorts of cool objects from weapons […]

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Samaria Gorge (Crete) Greece Day 168

We got up at the crack of dawn today to take the bus to the trail head of the Samaria Gorge. You start near the town of Omalos, and it’s best to start early as the hike can take up to 6 hours to do. And the best part? It’s all downhill! Despite that I […]

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Iraklion to Chania (Crete) Greece Day 167

Today was a bit of a non-day… we had to make our way by bus to Iraklion to take the bus to Chania, a 3 hour ride away. We had originally booked 5 nights here in this area of Crete (not really realising just how huge the island was) and when we tried to book […]

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Koutouloufari (Crete) Greece Day 166

This is the village of Koutouloufari. It’s a very cute small village just up the hill from Hersonissos. It consists mostly of a few restaurants, shops and a couple of hotels. You can tell that the season is winding down… it’s pretty quiet and some things seems to be shut down already. Funny, to me it […]

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