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Paros, Greece Day 157

***WARNING! Kitty heavy post! Meow. Deb keeps reassuring me I’m not a crazy cat lady, but I don’t know… I love them so much! And kittens? There is nothing cuter, except maybe puppies.  So we got up nice and early to head over to the small island of Antiparos off the coast of Paros where there […]

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Paros, Greece Day 156

We both woke up really early this morning to the wind just howling outside. It sounded like we were on the Arctic tundra it was so loud. I heard it through my earplugs, and Deb barely slept at all it was so noisy. Groggy and foggy, we got up and had to head to Mykonos […]

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Mykonos, Greece Day 155

It was our last day in Mykonos and upon looking at the guide book we discovered that there wasn’t really too much we wanted to do other than lie on the beach again. Mykonos is great, but word to the wise, 3 nights is enough… not that I was scoffing another day on that beautiful […]

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Mykonos, Greece Day 154

 Today was the first of (I’m sure many) beach days. I’m not a real beach person. I like going to the beach or sitting by the pool once in a while, but the thought of going on a real beach vacation never really appealed to me. Well, that was then, and this is now! Greece might […]

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Mykonos, Greece Day 153

We got up today and headed for the harbour to get the boat over to Delos. Delos is a small barren island a short 25 minute boat ride from Mykonos. This island is an archaeological treasure. You can walk amongst the ruins and really get a feel for what it must have been like to […]

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Mykonos, Greece Day 152

Ah, Mykonos. It’s pretty darn nice here. It is THE party island in Greece, which doesn’t totally suit Deb’s and my taste (my true all night party days are way behind me.) I’m more of a sit and have a glass of wine while watching the sunset and have a nice conversation rather than trying […]

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Athens, Greece Day 151

Today was an adventure. I wish I could a FUN adventure, but it was not to be… at least for the start of the day. We had to make our way to Piraeus to pick up all of our ferry tickets for our Greece travel at Sealines, the company that we booked our ticket through. […]

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Istanbul to Athens Day 150

Welcome to Greece Andrea! My first view of the Greek isles! I was back at the airport again today flying to Athens. I’m a bit sad to be leaving Turkey, but pretty fricking excited to be going to Greece. PLUS I’m meeting my friend Deb there so I’ll have company for the duration of my travels […]

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