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There is no such thing as a free lunch in Siena, Italy.

This is a story about my day in Siena. I had already been in Italy for a couple of weeks but this guy took the cake for being the most, er, forward shall we say?Story below under the photos… Beautiful streets of Siena. Clearly this place is all about the sausage, smoked meat and PORK! […]

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Train Day Italy to Germany Day 71

Today I truly don’t have much to report! I was train bound from 11:00 to 7:00, which should have been an easy feat, but was made more complicated by things out of my control. I was only supposed to change trains twice today, but wound up changing 6 times! There was a fire in one […]

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Monterosso al Mare, Italy Day 70

Heaven just might be found in Cinque Terre… All of the churches here are black and white horizontally striped. I think they look pretty cool! Ohhh, I have the worst sinus headache right now so it’s going to be a short post tonight. So irritating! I decided to just be good to myself today and take it […]

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Monterosso al Mare, Italy Day 69

Pathway of Love Today I awoke  with a raging sore throat! I had that wobbly feeling in my head and a bit of a headache too. Yup, my first traveling cold! Cinque Terre isn’t exactly where I wold have asked to be sick, but then again, where WOULD you ask to be sick in Europe? […]

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Monterosso al Mare, Italy Day 68

One, is the loneliest number that you ever heard… or is it? I love going to a restaurant and telling them UNO and holding up one finger, and they look around like, “Where am I going to put this person?” Sometimes they try and put you far away in a corner way in the back. […]

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Pisa, Italy Day 67

Today is all about Pisa. Well, not even the city really, just the tower. You know the one! It’s actually a pretty cool sight. There wasn’t really much else that compelled me to visit Pisa, so I just stopped for a few hours on my way to Monterosso. It was another thing to do on […]

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Siena, Italy Day 66

Today was a near perfect day. Siena is just beautiful. It’s smaller than Florence, and I heard WAY less English being spoken here. Florence is great, but I swear it’s two thirds American.  I remember thinking that the last time I was here too.  I’m sure I’m lumping a few Canadians in there as well, […]

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Florence, Italy Day 65

FIRSTLY… a big shout out to my momma, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Today was an absolutely fabulous day. I had to go big or go home, so I went HUGE! I’m going to do a day trip to Siena tomorrow so I wanted to make the most of my Uffizi pass today, and make the most of […]

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