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For Love or for Money

Or for both? Yes, both is the ultimate, the ideal. That elusive carrot at the end of the stick that I’m chasing. It’s been a while since I’ve done a personal, more philosophical post, and this might be a bit of a “poor me” pity party so please forgive… I’m at a weird place in […]

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The Evolution of an Idea

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. WHERE do ideas come from? And why do some people run with an idea, while others abandon it? Some ideas come like a bolt of lightning, but I think most ideas slowly evolve until you get to the “why didn’t I think of this ages ago?”Since I know […]

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Success. What is your definition of it?

I love Maya Angelou. She’s such a smart and astute woman. She said it best. “I’ve learned that making a ‘living’ is not the same thing as ‘making a life’- Maya Angelou’ Photo courtesy of Sean MacEntee I’ve been pondering this for a long time now. What exactly IS success? Could it be raising kids […]

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This is my 250th post!

This is me (with some of my best girlfriends) right before the night that changed the rest of my life… My 20 year grad reunion. I’m seeing that I really was 15 pounds lighter  back then… must do something about that! Holy sh*t balls batman. I guess I DO blog a lot! I think that’s […]

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The Twitter Update Part 2

Hello? Is there anybody out there? I’m one month into my social media experiment, and I’m left feeling both good, and a wee bit not so good about it. Twitter is a beast. A wonderful, horrible beast! I’ve managed to gain almost 400 followers and have had some genuine interactions with a few people. But […]

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On being authentic. Part 1

How many times have you “met” someone online, then been disappointed in person by the lack of similarities to their online personality? I don’t have many internet friends but as I dive head first into this wonderful world of tweeting and travel blogging, I’m having interactions with people from all over the world, some of […]

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Why travel?

Oland, Sweden I’ve been asking myself lately, what is it about travel that is so compelling to me? WHY do I want to travel, aside from the obvious reasons? When I was traveling through Europe by myself last year I would sit on the train looking out the window and be acutely aware of the […]

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Tweeting, Stumbling and Pinning oh my!

My head is swimming. Since I’ve started my Matador U Travel Writing course I’ve been thinking more about social media and it’s importance. Thus far I haven’t really paid that much attention to it and that just might be why I don’t have more blog followers. In actual fact I’m pretty happy with the amount […]

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