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Amsterdam to Bomlitz Train Day 89

I had to buy toothpaste the other day, and I think it’s kind of cool to buy a brand that we can’t get at home… adds to the adventure! Except when you open the tube and it’s a pinkish putty colour. Looks gross, but I can handle that. But when it tastes so god awful […]

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Amsterdam, Netherlands Day 88

Today may have been a bit of a Murphy’s Law day, but it was still a very, very good day. You can’t have a bad day when it mixes a boat ride, beer, pancakes, art and pizza, right? Katie booked a canal ride for noon, and we were going to head over after we stopped […]

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Amsterdam, Netherlands Day 87

Amsterdam is pretty close to how I thought it would be. The canals are cool, everyone rides  bike, and the beer is cold and plentiful. I haven’t seen all that much herbal evidence, but then again I haven’t really been looking for that. I started my day at the Anne Frank House. I was choked […]

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Amsterdam, Netherlands Day 86

I have to confess that I had a totally non-day day today. I stayed in until 3:30 doing laundry, finishing some Internet stuff and just relaxing. Another non-picture day. Well, except for these…Have you ever heard of deep fried gravy balls? Well, that’s not what they call them in Amsterdam (they’re called Bitterballen) but it’s a […]

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Frankfurt to Amsterdam Train Day 84 and 85

* I forgot to do a post the day Paul left… that would be DAY 84. I was on the train all day, and would you believe I didn’t take a single picture? I was feeling sort of sad and lonely this morning when I woke up after having my travel companion for the past 2 […]

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