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Sandefjord to Karlstad Train Day 101

Sadly, I left Sandefjord today. You know what this means, don’t you? I have to re-learn all of my traveling alone habits! Eating alone, shopping alone, finding people to talk to! Ah, I’ve been so spoiled for the past month! First it was Paul in Germany, then Katie and Jared in Amsterdam, then Karin and […]

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Bergen, Norway Day 100

I’ve made it to Day 100. That is crazy to think I’ve been traveling for 100 days… in a row! Michele and I are counting ourselves extremely lucky to get a rare and cherished sunny day in Bergen. It’s just like Vancouver in that it’s a totally different town when the sun is shining. People […]

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Bergen, Norway Day 99

Today we had to get up at the ripe old hour of 6:30 to go and catch our fjord cruise at 8:00. Before we had left for Bergen we had tried to book the Norway in a Nutshell tour online, but it looked like it was full and we were out of luck. We were […]

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Sandefjord to Bergen, Norway Train Day 98

Today Michele and I had a long 9 hour train ride to Bergen. It didn’t seem that long though because we are chatty girls, and the time just flew by. The man across the aisle from us actually asked us to be quiet because he was reading. Um, OK, here’s the thing…. #1. We weren’t […]

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Sandefjord Norway Day 97

It is so beautiful here. So far Norway is just what I expected. So cute and charming with weather I am used to… a mixed bag! It’s sunny, it’s cloudy, is that a raindrop? I wish I brought some sunscreen! Yup, sounds like Vancouver alright! It was Sunday, and pretty well everything is closed on […]

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Ferry to Larvik, Norway Day 96

I took the ferry to Norway today. Thankfully it was an uneventful crossing. I’m prone to seasickness, and this is the North Sea, known for its wind and its swells, so I was extremely grateful that it was a nice and calm day. A friend did the crossing to Kristiansiand a couple of weeks ago […]

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