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Ljubljana, Slovenia/ Zagreb, Croatia Day 53

I’m sitting in a hostel common room right now with about fifteen 14year old boys. The only thing worse than fourteen year old boys is probably fourteen year old girls. They’re some sort of soccer team or something Before this I thought I knew what loud was…. Oh, now I truly know. There is some […]

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Ljubljana, Slovenia Day 52

FYI… My previous post (day 51) I took the train to this exact station only to find I couldn’t get to the castle I’d come to see…. and here I am again.    Postojna Station. Again. Well, today could have been as big a gong show as yesterday, and it came close, but ended up […]

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Ljubljana, Slovenia Day 51

Well, today royally sucked. A total waste of a day, despite the best laid plans… I wanted to go to Predjamski Grad. It’s a castle near a town an hour away by train. According to the girls who work at the hostel it’s EASY to get there! Yes! There’s a shuttle bus that’ll take you […]

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Ljubljana, Slovenia Day 50

I got into Ljubljana at about 4:30, and barely ate at all, so when I saw the McRONALD’s at the station, I just had to have a cheeseburger right then right there. But they have a different kind of french fry here in Slovenia called Kriz Kraz, and it’s kind of like a twice fried waffle fry. (see […]

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