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Istanbul, Turkey Day 136

I think I had the most culturally rich day of my trip today. It was my last day in Istanbul. I had a laundry list of stuff I wanted to see and do, but to be totally honest, I haven’t really felt like rushing around too much trying to see everything. Just BEING here is […]

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Istanbul, Turkey Day 135

Despite the sounds of pigeon toenails scratching on the metal rooftop right above my head, I’m actually having incredibly good sleeps in this heat with just a fan to keep me cool. Well, what do you expect for 17 euro a night, right? I have a pit toilet right next door (and a regular one one floor […]

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Istanbul, Turkey Day 134

What to say about Istanbul? Where do I start? It is BY FAR the most culturally different place I’ve ever been. And this is after I’ve just visited 17 countries. It is sensory overload! The sights, the smells, the noise! People are constantly yelling at each other. Not angry yelling (I don’t think) just communicating. […]

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Bucharest, Romania Day 133

I had such a nice day in Bucharest! I have to say starting out I wasn’t so sure I was really going to have much of a day at all. I had no map. I had no idea where the tourist info. booth was, or where city centre was for that matter so what the […]

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