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For Love or for Money

Or for both? Yes, both is the ultimate, the ideal. That elusive carrot at the end of the stick that I’m chasing. It’s been a while since I’ve done a personal, more philosophical post, and this might be a bit of a “poor me” pity party so please forgive… I’m at a weird place in […]

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The Twitter Update Part 3

Twitter, twitter, twitter. What am I going to do with you? Some days I feel like I am so in the zone with you, and others I’m still in the dark. I now have just over 600 followers and am following twice that number. I’ve done a couple of “Twitter Chats” and have to say […]

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As I’ve been traveling around I’ve wondered “How do you say cheers in all the languages of the countries I’ve been to?” I knew a couple, but really most of them are new to me! Here they are just in case any of you need this knowledge one day! CROATIAN – Zivjeli (zhee-ve-lee) CZECH – […]

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What up with the wifi?

Please stand by. The wifi at my “boatel” in Prague is exceptionately slow in uploading photos so I’ll update the blog at my next hotel where it will hopfully be better! Prague is amazing, by the way…

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The best male I’ve met in Italy so far…

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I’ve been meaning to post here about typos… I can’t spellcheck on blogger right now because it spell checks in the language of whatever country I’m in, so please accept my apologies if there are any (and I’m sure many!) spelling mistakes. Feel free to point any out of you find one so I can […]

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Weird wifi…

I’m in a hotel that has wifi, but I can’t upload any photos, so the posting will just have to wait until I’m back on Italian soil! Tonight I take an overnight ferry, should be interesting! My room is described as having a “matrimonial bed.” I assume that means a double? (:

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Ljubljiana bad wifi zone!

Sorry for the lapse in posting! The hostel I’m staying in is brutal in many ways, no wifi (even though they SAY they have it) being one of them. Hopefully I can get caught up in Croatia!

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