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The Olympic Peninsula in stop-motion

The week before Easter I went on a little road trip with some friends to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. It’s funny how you take your own backyard for granted! I’d been thinking and dreaming of visiting the Olympic Peninsula National Park for years, but since it’s mere hours away from home I’d always […]

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Only Crazy People Road Trip in the Winter

And by crazy I mean awesome, of course. On February 3 we set off on a bright, sunny (albeit a bit chilly) Vancouver day. It was Judi and Cotty and the Blue Gnu (it’s a blue VW Golf TDI) and me in my Mini Cooper which I aptly named “Mini Me.” I’d been trying to […]

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Road Trip in Stop Motion

I had this little kernel of an idea as I was sitting in the customs lineup at the border about making a stop motion video about this road trip. I knew we were going to drive through so many different types of weather and terrain that it would be kind of cool to stitch it […]

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I’m a “one night cruise” kind of girl…

At the ripe old age of 41, I finally went in my first cruise. It was a 1 night cruise from Vancouver to Seattle. then you take the Amtrack train back home. I’ve never been all that keen on cruising to be honest. I’m a little claustrophobic, and the thought of being trapped on a […]

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And and Rand Take Manhattan Day 4

Our day started with a visit to Le Pain Quotidien, a Belgian style patisserie that has a LOT of locations around Manhattan. I enjoyed a lovely bowl of coffee (why isn’t coffee ALWAYS served in a bowl?) and a pain au chocolate. My dad wasn’t overly excited about the place, and we both thought it […]

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The artistry of the New York City Subway

The New York City Subway system has come a long way since it’s inception in 1904. With over 1.6 billion rides given in 2012, would you believe that New York ranks seventh in the world for busiest (in terms of ridership) rapid transit rail systems? Seoul, Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou (I’ve never even heard of […]

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And and Rand Take Manhattan Day 3

A quick Day 3 Roundup! I have never been so full (of NYC cuisine and art!) Oh my goodness, I’m going to need to eat nothing but watercress and drink ┬áhot water when I get home. I cleanse will be in order I think! We had a slightly less hectic day today and enjoyed just […]

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And and Rand Take Manhattan Day 2

Here’s Day 2 in photos! Can I tell you I was freaking exhausted I was at the end of the day? It was The Hispanic Society Museum, then taking the subway all the way down to the tip of Manhattan to the Cloisters, then bussing it back to the Neue Gallery (no photos of that […]

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