Chania (Crete) Greece Day 169

We had a full day here in Chania because our bus back to Iraklion didn’t leave until 5:30. There was a museum we had walked by the day before that looked very interesting called The Archaeological Museum of Chania. It had a great collection of Minoan pottery and all sorts of cool objects from weapons to jewellery to sculpture. My favourite part (as usual) was the mosaic floor. What is it about the mosaics that I love? Maybe it’s the stories that they tell? Maybe it’s the precision of the work? I don’t know, I just know that I’m always captivated by them. The museum is housed in a renovated Venetian church called Saint Francis. The building was almost as interesting as the exhibit. It had these fabulous archways and lots of natural light. It was in perfect harmony with the artifacts it held.
This is a clay foot that was used for medicinal purposes. Early people seemed to think that having talismans of body parts would aid in the healing process.
Yes, more scary a*s dolls! The museum had an exhibit where they were comparing toys that Minoan children would have used and children in more modern times. Of course I zeroed in on the dolls.
The glass bowls are just beautiful! How did they get such colours?
Hadrian, kind of a handsome devil.
Mosaic floor.
This is a mosaic floor that depicts the story of Ariadne and Dionysus. This is the story I told in a Naxos post about her helping Theseus to slay the minotaur then he dissed her and she married Dionysus instead. She was the daughter of  King Minos of Crete.
In the museum courtyard.
This was a beautiful fish market that we walked past. We both said we wished we had a kitchen to cook in because there are so many fresh and beautiful ingredients here!
Calamari pre-deep fry.
Walking around the town… there are many great little alleys and streets to wander around.
The worry beads. I talked to an elderly man in a shop about these today. He told me everything I ever wanted to know about worry beads, and more! They’re used for playing, he said. Praying, I asked? No, PLAYing, he said. Oh, PLAYing! They can also be used to count prayers, but as I suspected, they’re used more as a thing to do with your hands, and used mostly by men. He said they’re good for people trying to quit a bad habit, like smoking or drinking. His wife makes them, and he was the salesman, he was very sweet.
Our kitty of the day! His name is Bob, short for Kebab.
This is a sweet little pup that was quite obviously nursing some puppies somewhere, she had some big teats! I tried following her to see if she’d lead us to puppies but it’s probably a good thing I didn’t find them… I’d likely have stuffed one in my suitcase! I’ll ask the question one more time. WHY doesn’t anyone spay or neuter their pets? Don’t they understand the problems that neglecting that one little thing causes?
This kooky woman set up shop outside of the Starbucks. We watched her for about 1/2 an hour and let me tell you, she was making some good money. No one seemed to really care about the music she was playing, because frankly all she was doing was sort of fake playing and doing a little singy-chant kind of thing. People just wanted a photo of her, and so did I, so I gave her a few coins and snapped a couple of shots. She wanted to see the pictures I took when I was done and seemed happy with what she saw.
We got on our bus and settled in for our 3 hour bus ride. As we were sitting there I realised that it felt like there was hot air blowing on me. WHY is so freaking hot on this bus? The driver had his window wide open. It was 35 degrees today, so it felt like when you’re warming some French bread in the oven and you open the door to take it out. So NOT refreshing! Then, the ticket guy came by not once, not twice, but four times to check our tickets. So, each and every time the bus stopped we’d have to fish out our tickets from our bags (and let me tell you, it’s not easy finding large items in my purse, let alone something like a ticket stub!) We finally got to the station and made our way to the port. We ‘re taking the overnight ferry back to Athens so hopefully it’ll be smooth sailing from here on out!


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