As I’ve been traveling around I’ve wondered “How do you say cheers in all the languages of the countries I’ve been to?” I knew a couple, but really most of them are new to me! Here they are just in case any of you need this knowledge one day!

CROATIAN – Zivjeli (zhee-ve-lee)

CZECH – Na zdravi (naz-dra-vlee)

DANISH – Skal (skoal)

DUTCH – Proost (prohst)

FRENCH – Sante (sahn-tay)

GERMAN – Prost (prohst)

GREEK – Yamas (yah-mas)

HUNGARIAN – Egeszegedre (egg-esh-ay-ged-reh)

ICELANDIC – Skal (sk-owl)

ITALIAN – Salute (saw-lutay)

NORWEGIAN- Skal (skawl)

PORTUGUESE – Sande (saw-oo-de)

ROMANIAN – Noroc (no-rock)

SLOVENIAN – Na Zdravje (naz-dra-vee)

SPANISH – Salud (sah-lud)

SWEDISH – Skal (skawl)

TURKISH – Serefe (sher-i-feh)


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  1. Anonymous August 3, 2011 at 7:30 pm #

    Now there’s some info everyone could use – even if you don’t drink beer! Hope you found a non-pork meal somewhere……

    xo Mom

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