Copenhagen, Denmark Day 108

 The bad news is that it’s raining. The good news is that I’m in Copenhagen! I’m in love with this place already. It’s so colourful and full of life. It also has the strongest currency going of all the Scandinavian countries, meaning hot dogs every day! I wish I could say I was joking, but it’s really hard to eat cheap here. I prided myself on finding good, cheap food in other so called “expensive” cities, but I just can’t seem to do it here, other than McDonald’s and hot dogs. It’s a good thing I happen to rather enjoy a nice frankfurter from time to time, especially in the summer, but REALLY! Getting a little sick of them, and they’re not exactly heath food. I’m just going to have make up for my lack of veggies when I’m in Greece. To be honest, I did NOT have a hot dog today, but what I did eat cost 5 times more than a hot dog, scroll all the way down to see…
So I made myself a little walking itinerary today to see a few sights. The day started off O.K. just a little drizzly off and on, but by about 2:30 it was flat out pouring. I had my umbrella but failed to bring my plastic poncho (out of vanity and hope) so I will not do that again tomorrow. I walked down one of the main shopping drags called Stroget and was extremely excited and happy to find a LEGO store. I had promised Nolan, James and Max that I would bring them some Lego guys (because I had originally planned to go to Lego land, but changed my mind.) I felt guilty that I’d told them I was going, then realized all they really cared about was me bringing some Lego back for them, so here was my chance to bring them Lego from the birthplace of Lego!

Thank you, thank you very much… This was about 4 feet tall.

I could have only dreamed that something like this existed. Choose your head, choose your legs and arms, then give them hair or a hat and an accessory and you are DONE! I actually almost started jumping up and down when I saw this. I had to fight 5 and 6 year olds to get in the action. Those kids are fierce! But I have patience and I just kept going back to find the bits I needed. So I made each kid 3 Lego guys, and I really had to hold back from making them each a girl one too. Nolan always gives me the girl Lego guy because,well, I’m a girl. But I knew none of them would be too excited to get a girl Lego guy so I am a good auntie and made them all as macho as I could.

There are painted elephants all over town, sort of like when Vancouver had the orca’s and the cows those couple of years.

Most of my street scene’s look like this today… dreary and dark.

Barba Papa’s!

A lot of the houses and apartments are painted these happy, bright colours. Maybe that’s why the Danes are considered the happiest people in the world?

A pretty little porcelain shop.

The Little Mermaid. Such a sad story. Disney just went ahead and gave it a happy ending.

So I was a good 40 minute walk from my hotel, and I was now soaked from the waist down because the rain and wind was beating down on me, despite the best efforts of my umbrella. I’ve never done this in any of the places I’ve ever been (well, except in Victoria with Tanya a couple of years ago after the bar, but that’s another story.) I took a pedi-cab! Oh my god, it was hilarious. People stare at you when you’re in one of these things. I felt like royalty! Ha ha! My driver’s name was Rahul and he is originally from Mumbai. He’s in Copenhagen working towards getting his PhD and driving the pedi-cab over the summer.

Me in my chariot.

Rahul dropped me off at the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek Museum, which is just a couple of blocks from my hotel. The museum was founded by the brewer Carl Jacobsen (of Carlsberg beer fame) and he and his wife donated their large sculpture collection between 1888 and 1899. There are over 10,00 pieces in the museum from Egypt, Greece, the Middle East and Italy dating back to between 3000 BC and 500 AD. There’s also a collection of Danish and French paintings, but to my dismay they had the French paintings closed off to prepare for an exhibit opening in September. This is where the Paul Gaugin paintings are, and I LOVE him and was excited to see the work, but no can do.

This is made out of wood. She was frightfully life-like.

So that’s where are the noses and ears went! Strangely, they didn’t highlight any of the missing penises on this board. I wonder why?

These are my 3 favourite Lego guys that I made.

No hot dog for me tonight! There’s a sushi place RIGHT across the street so I decided I really, really needed some. And it was really good! Only it cost way more than it should have. In Vancouver a box like this would cost no more than $10 or $11. Here? It was about $27 CDN. But it was worth.every.penny. And it wasn’t a hot dog. Oh I miss my cheap sushi!


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