Dinan, France Day 13

Dinan, where have you been all my life? What a beautiful town. I had a foodie adventure here! I’d exhausted the croissants and pain au chocolats, and I wanted to try some local fare, so I found a fabulous boulangerie and went to town! Scroll down to the photo of the boulangerie for descriptions. I decided to do the self guided tour of the rampards (FYI, a rampard is a defensive wall.) 
The construction of the ramparts started in 1283 and continued into the 16th century. I walked the perimeter of the medieval city walls in just under 2 hours, with stops along the way. I like the speed of this town, it’s slow and laid back. And miracle of all miracles, cars will stop for you when you step out in into the crosswalk! That took some getting used to after being in Paris and Normandy, where there’s an unwritten rule to NEVER stop for pedi’s. 
Oh, but the men are no different. They actually yell down from balcony’s to try and get your attention. This happened twice in one day. The women here must just get used to it!
Ramparts of Dinan, France.
The ramparts consist of walls, towers and gates. There are at least 5 gates and 10 towers.
Dinan, France.
Dinan is a port town as well, as it sits on the Rance River. The area down below the bridge is really cute, with restaurants and an area where you can take a boat ride up the river. That’s where I found my boulangerie.
Jardin Anglais in Dinan, France.
Church on the grounds of The Jardin Anglais.
Dinan, France.
Dinan, France.
St. Malo Gate in Dinan, France.
St. Malo gate.
Dinan, France.
Stained glass windows in Dinan, France.
This is a church in town center. It was Sunday so it was open and I popped in. I’m just amazed at the sheer quantity of places just like this that I’m sure are all over Europe.
Church in Dinan, France.
Dinan, France.
There’s actually quite a large hill in town that leads down to the port area.
Ah, the boulangerie! I tried 2 local specialties. The bretonne, which seems to be a combination of a cupcake and a cookie. It’s served in a cupcake cup, and is super crunchy and chewy on the top, and soft and cakey underneath. Then I had a Houign Amann, which was sort of like a cinnamon bun without the cinnamon. Layers of pastry and sticky and chewy sugary stuff on top. See the “foodie” tab for a pic of it!
Barbabe Patisserie in Dinan, France.
Next up I went to Dinan castle and museum. I almost had the whole place to myself, which was awesome after being in Paris! This room was in the very lower level, and it was musty and wet and kind of creepy… I had to go down this winding stairway to get there and this is what I saw when I got to the bottom.
Dinan Castle and Museum in Dinan, France.
Tombs in Dinan Castle and Museum in Dinan, France.
There were about 6 of these tomb-like statues down there. I might have nightmares tonight.
Tombs in Dinan Castle and Museum in Dinan, France.
Chapel in Dinan Castle and Museum in Dinan, France.
This was the chapel area of the castle. So very beautiful.
Dinan Castle and Museum in Dinan, France.
View from above.
Dinan Castle and Museum in Dinan, France.
I had to do it. Yup, went back to Roy’s. This time I mixed things up and had a cheese and lardons (bacon) crepe, a local artisinal cider that’s served in the mug you see there and for dessert a crepe with salted caramel sauce. I sat outside and enjoyed the last of the suns rays. It’s a very good thing I’m walking 5 hours a day, isn’t it?
Roy's Creperie in Dinan, France.
I broke my camera today. Actually, it still works, but some bits broke off of it when it fell off a rough rock surface as I was attempting to do a timer shot… So, all’s well that ends well, but my camera kind of looks like Wall-E now. Any bets on whether or not I need to buy a new camera before this trip is over?
Broken camera in Dinan, France.



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3 Responses to Dinan, France Day 13

  1. Michele April 19, 2011 at 9:45 am #

    Hi Andrea! I’ve been to Dinan! One time, a few years ago, with my husband and two friends, and we loved it. It’s so beautiful and romantic. We found a favorite crepe restaurant also, and kept going back! 🙂 The bakeries, the ice cream, and the cheese—OMG, the cheese. We were there three days and it wasn’t enough time. We only discovered the new, “modern” side of the city on the third day… Anyway, you’ve given me such a new appreciation of France and all things French, Ian and I are talking about how soon we can get back there. Thank you! xxoo

  2. Andrea April 20, 2011 at 7:45 pm #

    I didn’t have any cheese…darn! When I’m in Lyon I’ll have cheese! I just loved France!

  3. Carole March 3, 2012 at 6:26 am #

    Nice post. Dinan is a super place to visit. http://caroleschatter.blogspot.co.nz/2011/12/vieux-dinan.html

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