Drawing Around the World Week 2

I did it! I set aside half an hour every day and did some drawing. Some are from my travel photos, some are from friends pets and some are from my snap happy times here in Vancouver.

I have to say, drawing terriers is difficult! They’re so hairy so it’s a lot of cross-hatching and repeated lines to get any sense of tone. I guess I’ll just have to dig into my cache of Henry photos’s and practice drawing the hairy beast. Lord knows I have enough photos!


French Bulldog that belonged to the owner of the hotel I stayed at in Florence, Italy.


Lucerne, Switzerland. There are swans everywhere on the lake. So beautiful!


This is from one of my FB friends feeds… I think it’s her dog but not 100% sure? I know she had a boy dog previously. The one’s name is Phoebe.


These were two calico kitties at our hotel on the island of Paros in Greece.


Yes, I drew a seagull! This is Dundarave (my old stomping grounds) with Lions Gate Bridge in the distance.


This was the mother of 2 kittens at the hotel I was staying at in Goreme, Turkey. Fairy chimneys in the background (the one I stayed in!)


The wee lad. Terriers are very hard to draw FYI! They’re all hair and no structure!



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