Fira (Santorini) Greece Day 163

Did I mention it is very hot here? We were going to go to Fira for the day today, but just being in Oia for the few hours the day before made me realise how hot it would be in Fira, and it’s frankly just too hot to wander around during the heat of mid day. I guess that’s why most people in hot climates siesta every day. I know I would! So we decided to go to the beach for the day, then head over to Fira later to walk around and get dinner. The beach was great, so relaxing. I think I’m becoming a beach girl again…  I used to go to the beach when I was in high school all the time, but sort of stopped in my twenties for some reason. I’m back baby!
~ ~ ~
See, I’m so relaxed I look like I could fall asleep right at the table!
Cat of the Day! His name is Pistachio.
The Greek Orthodox Church in the centre of town.
The views from up here are amazing. Two interesting little factoids… The reason they built the villages way up here was to protect them from the pirates. Each area had castles that the town could evacuate to when pirates were spotted on the horizon. If one village spotted them, they would light a large fire to signal the other villages that danger was approaching and to evacuate to the safety of the castles. The other factoid? Why do the Greek’s paint all of their houses white with blue accents? Because when the Turks were in power here they wouldn’t allow the Greek flag, so the Greek people painted their homes in the flag colours to show their pride and not forget who they are… GREEK!
I bought a sea sponge from this guy. His brother is the one who dives for them, and he sells them.
We had a FABULOUS dinner at this restaurant called Sphinx. It was a recommendation from Debs CEO Jonathan at work and it was really, really good. The view was maybe the best I’ve ever seen while sitting on a patio. The meal took first place as my favourite of my entire trip, and Deb liked hers too. The service was great and unpretentious. The menu has something for everyone. It wasn’t cheap, but not out of the ball park expensive. Worth every penny.
We started off with a glass of Greek Rose and some home made bread and tapenade. I really wanted the bread to soak up the broth of the mussels we shared for the starter. They were simply done in a white wine and garlic broth. The best I’ve had in a long while.
I had the handmade fish ravioli with clams and mussels. The sauce was a rich buttery tomato with herbs grown in their own organic garden.
Deb had Aegean Red Snapper with a spicy caper tomato sauce. The cherry tomatoes were all funny shapes because they too are from their own vegetable garden. They also have an olive grove where a portion of the olive oil they use in the restaurant is from.
We had some coffee’s and waited for the sun to set. This was a much more spectacular sunset than the one we saw last night. The colours got richer and deeper as it got darker.
Our evening ended with a complimentary local Grappa and full bellies filled with happiness. Sappy I know, but true! 


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