Goreme to Mt. Nemrut Tour Day 140

I left Goreme today at 9:30 for my two night tour to Mount Nemrut. I’ve been really looking forward to this part of the trip. Mount Nemrut is east of Cappadocia and has oh so many interesting things to see in the region. I was first on the bus and quickly learned that there would only be three of us in total, all women. Oh, our poor guide Deniz… 22 years old with three western women in his care. He did well, although I think we tired him out! 
Angela is from Missouri but has been living in the Netherlands for the last 28 years and Petra is from Berlin but has been living in Antalya (Turkey) for the past 3 years. We all got along like a house on fire so the tour was off to a great start.
Our first stop today was Karatayhan, which is an 11th century Caravanserai. This is a place where the weary travelers would come to rest for the night as they were traveling the silk road. There is one every 30km, because that is apparently how far a camel can travel in a day. Who knew? Not this girl!

This is what the inscription says over the front entrance.
“This building belongs to God, who is One, Eternal, and Everlasting, August and Magnificent Sultan, King of Kings, the Shadow of God on Earth, Keyhüsrev son of Keykubad, Commander of the faithful in the year 638”.
This is the courtyard.
Love the patterns!
This was the stable for the animals.
This is my absolute favourite photograph that I’ve taken since the beginning of my trip. These kids were playing in the Caravanserai and found a baby pigeon. They didn’t speak any English but really wanted to show us the bird. (A baby pigeon is one of the strangest looking baby birds I’ve ever seen… it has these weird little yellow feathers sprouting out all over it’s head.) 
I asked the little boy if I could take his picture and he immediately smiled and posed. His little sister was standing by looking a bit fore lorn so I asked if she wanted to be in the photo as well and this is what I got. Aren’t they just beautiful? I love the way he’s looking down at the bird and has his arm around her. So cute. (And I love that he’s wearing a spider man shirt!)
There was a tomb in here covered in a green cloth. The green symbolizes paradise in the Muslim faith.
This is Petra. We’re about to eat the only ice cream in the world that you eat with a knife and a fork. Can I tell you, top 5 ice cream EVER! It’s made in the usual Turkish style to make it chewy, but it also uses goat milk rather than cow’s milk and it was so cold, so creamy and so very, very delicious. And no, it didn’t taste goaty at all.
Here is Angela patiently waiting for her ice cream. Oh yeah, and baklava, of course!
That is ground pistachio on top…
We got to our hotel in Adiyaman at about 6:00 and had  little rest before going for dinner. There was a big family Ramadan dinner going on right beside us, and as usual, a kitten playing near by. 
We need to get an early night because our wake up call for tomorrow is 3:00 am. But I won’t complain because it’s Mount Nemrut baby! What I’ve been looking forward to for months and months…..



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