Granada, Spain Day 27

So, today was kind of a bummer/awesome day… I had my ticket booked for Alhambra. So excited. I get there nice and early, get into line for my 2:00 time to get into the palace. Get in, walk around in awe.  I’m following signs that say, “continue tour” and suddenly find myself going out some turnstile. Yup, I’m out, and they won’t let me back in! I’m still on the grounds of Alhambra, just not inside the coveted palace walls. I don’t think I even saw a quarter of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So bummed.  And the bummed stuck with me all day. My train doesn’t leave until 9pm tomorrow, so I’m going to try and get another ticket to go again tomorrow. I really feel like I missed all the best sh*t! Darn. See? That is my own problem for being such a rule follower. If a sign says “go here” I GO HERE! Poop. Anyways, I’ll see what I can swing for tomorrow. I met some nice British people on the bus who got tickets that morning, so I know they don’t only sell in advance. What I DID see was fantastic though. Even if that’s all I get, I’ll be happy. I have already seen 2 other palaces that had very similar artistry, so it’s not like I’m lacking there.  It was thunder storming all day as well, so it was very wet and soggy, just like my spirits… But I made the best of it and saw every square inch of what I could. There is an M.C. Escher exhibit going on right now at Alhambra, he visited a couple of times and it was apparently quite an influence on his work. Now having been there I can see why. The geometry of the place is quite astounding. The archways, the repeated patterns, the perspectives and straight and curved lines are all aspects I see in Eschers work. For those not familiar with him, go google him, he’s amazingly talented not only as an artist, but as an architect and mathematician.
This is a beautifully packaged parcel of pastries I bought today. He asked me if it was to go, so I figured he’d just throw hem in a box, but no, he wrapped them in this lovely paper and tied it up with string.
All the walking I’m doing seems to be negated by drinking beer and every day. But it’s so cheap and plentiful!

Palace of Charles the 5th at Alhambra.
Here are some of the best of the few that I took while I was in Nasrid Palaces.
On a totally different note, here are some random queries about Spain. WHY the pit toilet? Are toilet seats really that expensive? Is this some underhanded way to get society to do more squats and get in better shape and not be a burden to the health care system?  WHY is customer service so slow and so bad? They truly don’t care. I waited for a full minute the other day while the salesgirl  s-l-o-w-l-y  finished taping something together. And because we don’t share the same language, I can’t be sarcastic to let her know how frigging irritating and rude she’s being. That is actually the hardest part for me about the language barrier… I’m used to being able to use sarcasm to get my not so subtle message across, and I can’t and it’s driving me nuts! Good thing I still give the rotten stink eye…not that it does much good!


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2 Responses to Granada, Spain Day 27

  1. Tanja Imhoff May 4, 2011 at 5:37 pm #


    I have been away and just spent a lovely afternoon catching up on your adventure. I’m definitely living vicariously through you. Spain is an interesting. Customer service is unheard of. I once had a cafe owner throw my change at me…and this was with me speaking the language. Some things I discovered about spain are people walk very slowly, sidewalks are used as moped parking lots and despite it being 45 degrees, people will still be dressed in jeans and sweaters. Just wait until you get to Barcelona to see the shoe stores. The year I lived there I bought 34 pairs of shoes. Luckily shipping from Spain is cheap and I sent home a box of just shoes. Enjoy every moment!

  2. Andrea May 8, 2011 at 1:49 pm #

    Hi Tanja! Yeah, there are definitely some strange behaviours you have to get used to… I’m just calling it a culture difference and leaving it at that… (: So many shoes, it’s crazy!

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