Hamburg to Berlin Train Day 114

More and more I’m understanding the term “going postal.” I have now had my two most rage inducing moments of my entire 4 months so far in post offices. The first was the debacle in Florence when I was picking up the mail my dear little nephews sent me, and now in the postal outlet in the Hamburg train station. First of all, not one of the three ladies there spoke a word of English. Considering that they work in the post office in the train station, I think that’s a bit odd. Then there was the lack of supplies. They had an entire wall of shelving with prices where inventory should have been for padded envelopes and boxes I would assume, but there was nothing. I thought that they might just have the supplies in the back so I went and asked. Nope! No padded envelopes or boxes at all. Every other post office I’ve been to sells these (pretty obvious and necessary) products. Again, the post office is in a train station, catering to travelers. Am I going to be lugging around boxes and envelopes with me? NO! So the woman tells me (well points to) the book store across the way and I think tells me to go ask if they have envelopes. So I go over and notice an employee unpacking books and has a cart full of the cardboard boxes that the books came in. Eureka! I ask her if I can have some and says says yes! So I take what I need and go back to the post office. I ask if they have some packing tape I can buy. She says no. NO??????  In a post office? I guess my face said it all because she started scrounging around to find some and finally pulled out a roll. I have to cut up my cardboard and tape it up to make my makeshift envelopes, so I ask if I can take the tape over to the table to use it. She says no. I hate this woman more every second I’m around her. Yes, hate. So I stomp over to the table I’m using and make my own padded sleeves to mail the Lego to the boys. I take it over and pay for it. I really have no clue if they’ll even get them. She didn’t do any kind of customs form and because of the language barrier I couldn’t ask.  It was an exceptionally unpleasant experience I hope to never repeat again. Bah.
See? An entire wall of shelves with no supplies. BAD post office, bad!
This perfectly describes the way I felt when I left.
And this is what I needed directly after said bad experience.
(Ice cream!)
The train ride from Hamburg to Berlin is just under 2 hours, so I got into Berlin in the afternoon, I thought I’d head out and do some exploring but I had a little lay down that turned into a 3 hour nap. Oh well, I have 3 full days here, maybe a rest is what I needed more. Just looking at the map of the city is intimidating. This place is HUGE! Like, 9 times bigger than Paris huge. And there is so much to see, I don’t even know where to start. Wish me luck!


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