Heidelberg, Germany Day 79

Today I decided to just go wander around Heidelberg and see and do some of the things I missed the day before. The Church of the Holy Spirit is the most famous church here, and has the most prominent structure seen in town, the bell tower. The church standing here today is actually the third sacred place of worship to be built on this site. It took over 150 years to build, and was completed in the mid 1500’s. I walked to the top to check out the view.
Once I got to the top it started to thunder and lightning, and I was a little worried about being struck down by it (that would have just sucked!) so I did the Clark Griswold head bob (like when they got to the Grand Canyon and he had to “borrow” money from the register) and got the heck out of dodge.
It says, thank you Jesus. Not sure what the significance of the sand is. This was in the upper chapel of the church.
The very wet streets of Heidelberg.
Yes, I had to try on the dirndl. I so would have bought it if they had my size. This one was too big, and my bosoms didn’t spill out of the top the way they should. That is an important part of the dirndl.
I had an unforgettable experience at this place. I had passed by it earlier and wondered what the heck they were. Donuts? Cookies, Balls of cake? So I went in to try one. I asked the woman a couple of questions about the flavours and we decided to just try one to see what it was like. She shows me some that have filling, and some that don’t. I choose plain milk chocolate. As I’m paying she says something like “cake?” So I  point to it and say “cake?” She says, “No, cake, you understand?” Then I said, “is it cake, or not cake?” She is starting to get agitated now. I’m not sure why she was getting upset. I had my wallet out, I frankly didn’t really care what was in it, I just wanted to try it! Again, she says, “cake, not cake, you understand?” She’s staring right at me, and giving me a mean look. It was really weird! Finally I just said, it’s good, we want it, just give it to us! So she takes the money and gives me the dough ball, and gives me the most miserable f*ck you very much face (excuse my French) and I leave. Long story short, there was NO cake inside, it was just a dried up piece of pastry with some crappy chocolate on the outside. I think she might have been trying to prepare me for how not good this little confection was. Maybe she gets a lot of North Americans returning them because they weren’t what they expected. Who knows?
Cake? Not cake.


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