Hirtshals, Denmark Day 95

Grey days in Hirtshals.
Well, it was another train day today. Denmark is a pretty big country and it takes a while to get from the German border to the tip of the country, where I’ll take the ferry across to Norway. I didn’t really get a chance to see much of Arhus. It was raining and I was already wet from walking to the hotel, so I just relaxed in my hilariously cute room. I guess they’re going for a nautical theme… check the HOTEL section to see! 

I forgot to share my glorious discovery yesterday! I didn’t have a map of Arhus, so (being me) I just decided to set out and ask for directions to my hotel. A bad plan, I know. I asked for directions to get to the street and started walking. I got as far as a McDonald’s in the centre area of town when I realised I didn’t really know where I was going. I stood outside the McDonald’s to see if I could pick up their wifi. I logged on and did a google map from where I was to the hotel address. I studied it to remember the directions and started walking again. Much to my delight and surprise the google map kept working, even though I lost the wifi when I left the McDonald’s zone. I didn’t know you could do that. I thought you needed continuous wifi to see your location on the google map as it follows along with the little blue dot that tells you where you are. So, maybe you need the wifi to get the google map, but once you have it you are good to go. Does anyone know for sure? I’ll try it again and see if it was just a fluke.

A poster in the bathroom of my zimmer, right over the toilet…
The rain started to taper off at about 5:00 so I decided to go for a walk. I saw a lighthouse nearby and thought that would be a nice place to start. The rain brought the slugs and snails out in full force! Dozens of them littered the sidewalk!
When the train pulled into Hirtshals it was pouring. Like really, really pouring. The kind of rain that soaks you to the skin in 2 seconds. There weren’t any cabs waiting in front of the train station, and again I had no map and no clue how to get to the hostel. Thankfully a cab pulled up for 2 women who had called it for themselves, so I asked if they would call one for me as well. People had told me that most Danish people speak English, and so far I can attest to that. I’ve been in 2 small towns, and everyone I’ve encountered has spoken at least a little English. I’m hopeless with language! When I try to say a Danish word to a Danish person, they don’t understand! The pronunciation is so hard, and it’s not phonetic like English. I try to sound it out, but when you’re saying it like it’s written, it’s wrong. Take the town Hirtshals for example. I would think it’s pronounced HURT-SHALS. Nope, it’s HEE-URT-SALS. Mostly the people just laugh when I try, so I just take it with good humour and laugh too. I like the Danish people so far. Very helpful and friendly, smile and say hello when you see them on the street. I like that, it feels like home.

So I get to the hostel and they don’t have my reservation, which means they don’t have a room for me because they are full.  Hmmmm…this is the first time this has happened! I checked the Hosteling International website for my bookings and showed her that I do have a confirmed booking. We were both perplexed, but she was awesome and just phoned a zimmer down the street to see if they had room. Thankfully they did and she even gave me the extra 75 kroner that it cost because the hostel screwed up.
I love a good lighthouse.
By the lighthouse was a museum of the only excavated German WWII defence installation open to the public. There are 54 excavated bunkers here but I only saw maybe 10 of them. There is also a radar installation as well as gun, mortar and machine gun rooms. The bunker contains 70 rooms connected by 3.5 km of trenches. I am learning so much about WWII. I never knew they had trenches and bunkers here in Denmark… so interesting!

There was a sludgy pond inside this bunker, with a huge family of frogs and tadpoles.
See the ships waaaaay in the distance? I’ll be on one of those tomorrow!
The Hirtshals harbour.
You know Crazy Ladies DO have more fun…
That’s my zimmer on the right hand side (the little white house.) The owner, Mr. Hansen was so kind to drive me to the ferry when I asked him what the easiest and cheapest way to get to the ferry terminal would be. I LIKE the Danish! 



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