How to cram a lot into your last day in Paris

Paris is a huge city and there’s no way you can see even 1/100th of it in just a day, let alone a month! But I did try as I might to see as much as I could on my last day in the city of light.
First I made my way to Saint Chapelle. It’s a little hidden gem right near Notre Dame, and it has the most spectacular stained glass I’ve ever seen. I met a girl in line beside me who had just completed the Paris marathon over the weekend and we started chatting. It turns out she did the  marathon because she wanted to do *something exciting* for her 40th birthday, and I just burst out laughing because here I am doing the same!
Next up was  The Orangerie Gallery. This gallery has 2 rooms where Monet’s water lily’s surround you. It’s breathtakingly beautiful. There’s also a good collection of some other Impressionist work. Cezanne is one of my faves, but I discovered an artist I’ve never seen before, Andre Derain. That’s what I’m loving about going to all of these galleries. I’m going knowing I’m going to see the famous paintings, but finding some lesser known work is even more exciting.
Monet in all of his glory.
Close up of a Cezanne still life.
A stunning Picasso.
Andre Derain. I loved all of his work!
I walked by this little place on my way to The Rodin Museum and couldn’t resist taking a snap of it.
The Rodin Museum. So glad I made to effort to get there… This is a man who is in love with the human body. His work is so sensual, you almost need a cold shower after you leave the museum! My favourites are the white stone statues where the bodies are entwined and entangled…..
Moi in front of The Thinker.
The Kiss. It’s rather famous.
There’s a lovely garden surrounding, and I sat and had a rest and a croissant that I bought from a 150 year old boulangerie!
Tour Eiffel! No, I didn’t walk up the stairs.
After Eiffel Tower I went to Musee du Quai Branley since it’s close by. They call it an ethnographical museum, and it has an extensive collection of ancient and primitive art from Asia, the America’s, Africa and Australia. This museum cost 265 million dollars to launch, and believe me, it looks like it!
He’s a pretty happy looking fella, isn’t he?
It’s not just the artifacts that are impressive. The building itself is a marvel! There are nooks and crannies holding beautifully displayed objects and artifacts. Masks, totems, clothing, jewellery… it was one of the most interesting collections I’ve ever seen. It was also a nice change of pace from the art galleries. I kept thinking of my nephew while I was walking around, there were so many weird and cool things to look at, he would have just loved it!
Had to get one last Paris street scene in.
My dinner this evening with Notre Dame in the background. Life is good.


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