I’m packed!

OK, I buckled. I did the panicked “Oh my god, my bag isn’t big enough” thing today, and went to The Bay and bought this bad boy. It’s perfect actually… It was on sale, and it’s just *that much* bigger than my other one. I just wasn’t feeling right about having a bag with no wiggle room atĀ the START of my trip. Here I have enough room, plus a little extra to get me by untilĀ  I need/want to ship a box home.
These are the Eagle Creek packing cubes that my friend Judi told me about. They are A-MAZING! All of my clothes are in these 2 cubes. ALL of them! That is insane! You can get an unbelievable amount of stuff in them.
I had to dig deep to reduce my toiletries. I’m not a super girly girl, but I do like my creams and lotions!
Here is my stuff packed in my old bag. My new one is more or less the same, just a little longer and deeper. Oh, and there’s a detachable small pack attached to the front of the pack. Love that!
This is an amazing product called Soak. It is single use liquid soap that you don’t need to rinse. Great for delicates and all clothes. This was also courtesy of my friend Judi! She gave me the info. and the product. I thank you, and my underwear thanks you!


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