Istanbul to Athens Day 150

Welcome to Greece Andrea!

My first view of the Greek isles!
I was back at the airport again today flying to Athens. I’m a bit sad to be leaving Turkey, but pretty fricking excited to be going to Greece. PLUS I’m meeting my friend Deb there so I’ll have company for the duration of my travels which is so nice at this stage of the game. No more dining alone! Yippee! 
She met me at the baggage claim area as she had just collected her own bags from her own long flight from Vancouver. It was so nice to see a familiar face. Then we managed to get to our hotel by taking the metro and cab combo. costing 17 euro total… much better than it would have cost by taking a cab from the airport! We got to our hotel and just sacked out for a couple of hours. Deb was really jet-lagged and I was just plain tired so we took it easy and decided that tomorrow would be our GO GO GO! day in Athens. 
We asked our hotel to suggest a restaurant in the area and set out to find it. We immediately realised that we were in a bit of a sketchy neighbourhood. Or maybe this is what all of downtown Athens is like, who knows? But we were walking back to the hotel after dinner when I saw this woman on the corner and I asked Deb is that was a hooker. Just then we heard this hissing noise across the street and she looked over and sort of gestured and said, “Oh yeah, definitely!” There were about half a dozen scantily clad women across the street, clearly ladies of the night. Apparently they make the hissing noise to get the men’s attention. I don’t why I was shocked, but I just haven’t seen that kind of things in a long, long time. Back in the 1980’s there were hookers on a couple of streets in the downtown area, but so far that I know they are gone. I’m sure they’ve just moved to a lower profile area in the city.
You know there’s been some unrest in the city in the past few months. The country is not doing well financially, and there have been riots and protests. Well, I didn’t think it was going to affect us, but 1 day in, and it already has! We were planning on taking the green line Metro to Piraeus tomorrow to pick up our ferry tickets, but guess what? They’ve closed that line for tomorrow due to whatever point it is the powers that be are trying to make. SO annoying! Now we’re probably going to have to spend 10 times more money to take a cab. Grrrr…. Seriously people, get a grip!

Sometimes I’m so immature it frightens me. But come on, this is hilarious!
Of course, the first thing I want to eat in Greece is fried cheese. It. is. the. best. It was my first Saganaki in Greece, but won’t be my last. I think I’m going to like it here.


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