Istanbul to Goreme Day 137

Today I was smart and took the 5 euro shuttle bus to the airport rather than the 45 euro taxi. Or “taksi” as they call it. It was a short and uneventful flight to Kayseri.  I highly recommend flying vs. the bus, it only cost 75 CAD and you’re there in an hour and a half. I can now say I’m one of those people who’s had a man waiting at the airport holding up a sign with my name on it… or close to my name “Angela Mueller, it said. Oh well, close enough. The drive to Goreme is about an hour so I just settled down and looked out the window at the landscape as it got more and more unusual. The landscape looks like this due to volcanic activity, then erosion. As the water eroded the stone these peaks called “fairy chimneys” were created. They are the most unusual geographic formation I’ve ever seen, and there’s so many of them! The history in this region goes way back, but the way the cave houses came about was that early Christians settled in this area and since the volcanic rock is so soft they were able to carve dwellings and churches into the stone. There are underground cities that go eight levels down… more on that in two days when I do the tour that takes me all the way down.
Bye bye Istanbul!
Hello Goreme!
So I got to my hotel in the late afternoon and enjoyed a coffee on the terrace of the lobby of my hotel. The service, atmosphere, and most importantly my room are just incredible. My room is inside one of the actual fairy chimneys. It was an ancient chapel so there is a cross painted on the ceiling fresco style, and the walls and floor are smooth stone. It looks every bit as good as it did on the website!
My fairy chimney room. Mine is the one on the left hand side.
Inside. It’s cozy.
It was an ancient chapel before it became a nice hotel room. This is the cross that I look at while I lay on the bed.
I decided to go for a little walk to orient myself with the town and when I tell you this town is all about tourism, that is true, but it is also an authentic Turkish town with stray dogs, roving chickens and the odd cow or donkey. There are kids playing on the streets until after the sun goes down, and Turkish grandma’s sitting on stoops knitting and cuddling babies. I don’t really have words to convey the way this place makes you feel. It’s beautiful, it’s eerie, it’s magical. I love it and can’t wait to go on my hot air balloon ride tomorrow to see the view from above.
There seem to be a number of muttly terrier crosses in the town. They all look somewhat related, and they probably are!
Fairy chimney chickens. Now this is as free range as it gets.


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