Koblenz, Germany Day 80

I didn’t get into Koblenz until about 3:30, so I thought I’d just take a walk around the old town to get a feel for the place. I thought it was a bit odd that the tourist info centre was closed, when in stated it’s hours on the door and should have been open. So I had no map, and the hotel people were absolutely useless and also had no map. Or wifi. What. Is. Up. With .That? I don’t have guide books here, I have wifi! I am maybe a bit *too* reliant on the Internet, but if the tourist office is closed, and I have no wifi, then I am lost! I had no plans for Koblenz at all, so I was totally in the dark. All I know about it is that my grandfather was born here, and it sits on the the spot where the Rhine and the Mosel rivers meet. OK, that’s a start. As I continue my walk, I notice that none of the shops were open. It was only 4:00 at this point. It was weird, and it was so dead in town it kind of gave me the creeps. It turns out it was some sort of Catholic holiday, so pretty well everything was closed. Bummer. I just headed back to the hotel and had a nice dinner at the pub down the street with a couple of nice wheat beers, and any worries I had earlier were gone!
Lots of flowers in Koblenz.You’ll see why in tomorrow’s post!
You know I love the mosaics!
Great statue in one of the main squares in town.
Tiny nuns!


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