Koblenz, Germany Day 81

The one thing I did glean from my walk the previous night was that there was some sort of big flower show going on. I decided since I had no clue what to do the following day, I would just do that! It’s actually called the Federal Horticulture Show and it seems to be a big event that is hoping to draw people from all over the world to the city. You take the funky new¬†gondola up to the fortress where most of the exhibit takes place. It’s only about a 4 minute ride over the river and then you’re within the fortress walls. The fortress is called Ehrenbreitstein Fortress, and it was erected in the early 1800’s to protect this region of the Rhine. The train ride from Heidelberg along the Rhine was just beautiful. I’ve never seen so many castles in my entire life! This is definitely a region I’ll be visiting again to go castle hopping.
Koblenz has many cute and funny statues peppered about the town.
Astro-turf car in celebration of the Horticulture Festival.
The entrance to the show. There was a beautiful church and grounds to greet you.
View of the fortress from across the river.
Mmmmm… lettuces!
There were all of these small pavilions set up, but we had no idea what any of them were about because all of the signage was only in German. Kind of made it not as interesting as it could have been, but the flowers were pretty!
They had an entire display of grave flower and ground cover arrangements.
The rose gardens were spectacular.
More displays that made no sense to me.
Wouldn’t this make a great ad for retirement?
The early fortifications here date back to 1000 BC. It is still as solid as ever.
View of where the two rivers meet.
The BUGA lodo in plastic cups.
There was a fabulous ceramic and archaeology museum in the fortress (our favourite part of the tour) that showed artifacts found in the region dating back to the stone age.
Weather balloon?
The church at the bottom. I’m at a loss for what it’s called right now, but it was old and beautiful.
German people must think I look German because they keep coming up to me and talking and looking like they expect me to understand. Then, when I tell them I don’t speak German, they just keep talking anyway. This was a nice little square in Koblenz where we sat and had gelato until the rain started (again.)


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