Koutouloufari (Crete) Greece Day 166

This is the village of Koutouloufari. It’s a very cute small village just up the hill from Hersonissos. It consists mostly of a few restaurants, shops and a couple of hotels. You can tell that the season is winding down… it’s pretty quiet and some things seems to be shut down already. Funny, to me it still feels like the hottest summer day in Vancouver, yet for Greece this is getting close to their off season.
This is a great little bakery we discovered *right after* we ate some crap pastries from the market across the street from our hotel. We had a cappuccino but will come back for breakfast tomorrow. She is Dutch and it looks like she makes a mean pancake.
Grapes just growing on the side of the road, almost in a ditch!
Meow of the day. Her name is Cora.
Some Cretan specialties. Olives, of course.
Ouzo, of course. (Me no likey!)
Olive oil, a major staple of the Cretan diet. I’ve seen people in Greece who look so old that they could be in a world record book. So, either they really ARE that old, or they’ve been spending WAY too much time in the sun.
Honey. A lot of them have walnuts and almonds added. So pretty.
Olives on the branch.
Olive trees in the grove.
On our way to  the beach we saw this poster and it reminded me of that episode of Friends when Monica had her hair braided in Hawaii. I have a question though, just what is “hair piercing?”
This was the warmest water I’ve swam in so far in Greece. It was shallow and so crystal clear.
There wasn’t any room left on the beach, so we had to hang out up by the pool. This place is called Star Beach and it was the weirdest combination of family fun, pickup joint and activity central I’ve ever seen. Not totally my cup of tea but better than nothing. At least the ocean was nice…
We had a much better meal tonight than last night… we saw this place as we walked through town last night and thought it looked nice. We had some nice red wine, oven roasted lamb that fell off the bone it was so tender and some oven roasted fish called Perka.
Started off with some olives and feta.

I’ve done something strange to my blog by accident that I can’t undo, so please just click on the link that says “Read More.” Thank you!

Then an unannounced visitor joined us. A praying mantis fell on the table beside us from the tree above, and just sat there for a good 15 minutes. Since it’s defence is to imitate being a twig, it was standing stick straight, except when anyone would walk by it would tremble and raise it’s front legs in the air. It was so cool, sort of like watching National Geographic or something! The funniest part though was that the restaurant was getting full, so we knew eventually someone would come that would want to sit at that table. This British couple about our age was shown to the table, and we pointed out the insect, and the woman was totally nonplussed about it. She just grabbed my napkin and used her hand to push it onto it to move it into the bushes. Her husband was just staring at her in awe and Deb and I told her she was braver than we were! The whole time I was taking pictures I thought the thing was going to jump at me! So she tells us that in grade school they had them in her classroom and at the end of the year the students could buy them from the school, so she bought one and had it as a pet. His name was Sticky, she told us.

Our restaurant du jour.


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