Kutna Hora to Vienna Train Day 125

I tried in vain to get instructions from a totally non-English speaking woman at the Kutna Hora train station about trying to get to Vienna today. She handed me this printout that had like, 6 train changes to get there, whereas if I just made the hour long train ride back to Prague then I could take a direct train to Vienna ( which I figured out on my own.)  Sold. That sounds a heck of a lot easier than trying to make connections with only 4 minutes to spare, you know? So I was on the train or in the train station for pretty well the whole day. Not too terribly exciting, but kind of nice to just sit back in my swishy 1st class seat and listen to my pod casts and gaze out the window.
~ ~ ~
It’s hard to believe I only have Vienna, Budapest and Bucharest left before I fly to Istanbul! I’m a tiny bit nervous about Bucharest. I’m only there for one night, but I’ve heard from a couple of different people that it’s pretty rough there and that gypsies and pickpocketing are rampant there. I’ll just have to be hyper aware and make sure I have my wits about me. I’ve survived Barcelona, Rome and Paris without anything bad happening so I’ll just hope my luck and smarts keep me safe and sound.
~ ~ ~
Why oh why isn’t getting there half the fun? I had instructions from my hotel on how to get there from the train station. Worst instructions ever. Thankfully the info. booth was open and I could get a map of Vienna that includes the metro. So I study the map (for 15 minutes!) to try and figure out how to get to the hotel by metro.  OK, I know where I’m going. I get off the metro at my stop and go outside. Study map again. Can’t even find the neighbourhood on the map. Oh, that’s because the hotel is *just* off city centre portion of the map. OK, I’ll just check the larger map on the back, in TINY print. Find the metro stop, can’t find the street name of the hotel. I was standing there for 10 minutes feeling perplexed when this lovely woman comes over and asks if I need help. Oh joy! She looks at my map and led me straight to my hotels door around the corner. It’s good to remember, there are good, kind people out there. I just needed reminding after my cranky Czech experiences. Disclaimer: I did have some great service in Prague as well as the cranky pants!
So, now I’m in Vienna and am super energized and excited to go exploring tomorrow. I’ve heard nothing but good things about this place and my batteries are 100% recharged so something tells me I’ll be going hard for the next two days…


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  1. Anonymous August 8, 2011 at 2:29 am #

    “Vienna Waits For You” – Billy Joel – I am so glad that you, my children, embraced music from all decades because above song is one of the greats from any era and now that you are there, I think it will prove to be true
    Love Momma

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