Lagos, Portugal Day 22

I took the bus to Sagres today. It’s a small town near the most southwestern point of Europe called Cape Vincent. It’s just an hour away so an easy day trip. It’s early in the season, and the town was dead as a doornail, but the coast was wild and beautiful. I visited the fortress on Sagres Point, mainly because there wasn’t anything else to do, but it was definitely worth my 3 euro entry fee. It’s a large chunk of land that makes up this flat top above the rocky cliffs where the fortress is situated. The fortress was built by Prince Henry the Navigator in the mid 1400’s, but not much remains that was his era as it was destroyed by the earthquake of 1755. I walked all around the fortress and grounds, and stupidly forgot to put sunscreen on my feet, and have now given my poor feet another reason to suffer…. I’m sorry feet, I’ll try to take better care of you! The sound of those waves of the Atlantic ocean crashing on the rocks was something! You can really appreciate the bravery of those men who led the discoveries onto these open waters. They had no idea what their fate would be, if they would ever return home or what dangers lay beyond the horizon.

There was a trio of cannons waiting for intruding ships. Sir Francis Drake invaded in the late 1500’s.
OK, look at this spider! I tried googling it, but I can’t find one online that looks the same. It looks like it has a skull on its back! I’m going to say poisonous…
The vegetation on the point was really diverse and beautiful. Lots of wild flowers, shrubs and cacti-looking things.
This was just laying out, no sign or anything. I just thought it was kind of creepy.
This is the chapel. It is the oldest part of the fortress, dating back to mid 1500’s.
This is a memorial erected by the U.S. Power Squadrons. Here is the inscription.
~ ~ ~
The US Power Squadrons honors the memory of Prince Henry the Navigator 1394-1460, whose school of navigation, founded on this site, opened the way for worldwide explorations in this great age of discovery.
~ ~ ~
There may not be much left here as far as the original building, but the memory and spirit of these men and their courage still is. Check this website out if you want more info!
Lemon trees!
My hostel sold mini beers for .80! Aren’t they adorable? I enjoyed a few of them! I met a couple of nice ex-pat Australians now living in Europe while I was up on the deck uploading my photos to my laptop. We started chatting, and wound up going for dinner to a popular little place called The Blue Door. Only it’s not really called The Blue Door. Nor does it even HAVE a blue door, so you can understand why I couldn’t find this place on my own when I was looking for it earlier! GPS got us there though! I had some lamb chops and waffle fries. I haven’t had waffle fries since I was a kid! They serve chips everywhere here because of the sun-burnt British equation. All the restaurant menu’s are in English, and what you mostly hear are British accents. I’m sad to leave Portugal. The people are awesome, the food is great, and the beer is cheap. I’ll be back, most definitely!


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3 Responses to Lagos, Portugal Day 22

  1. Emily B. April 28, 2011 at 1:04 am #

    Wow, Andrea, those vistas are absolutely amazing!

  2. Andrea May 8, 2011 at 1:51 pm #

    It’s a beautiful coastline Emily, sort of reminded me of the Oregon coast but wilder.

  3. Lisa (Thompson)Smith July 18, 2011 at 3:54 am #

    Portugal is amazing isn’t it? I spent two of the most amazing summers of my life not too far from where you were in Lagos. It’s called Praia de Luz, and I think I have walked every cobbled street 100 times over- ahhhh I miss it……

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