Lagos,Portugal Day 21

So I was sh*t on by a swallow this morning. On my head, Yup! It was a pretty small load, but still! But then, a few hours later this bug flew at my face and as I sort of swatted at it, it landed on me and was a ladybird. I took that as a good omen of travel juju times two!
~ ~ ~
So, I have this podcast I listen to and love love love! It’s called The Moth, and basically what it is is story slams that are organised in cool cities in the U.S., and then notable people are invited to come and tell their story based on the night’s theme. The Moth’s tag line is “True stories told without notes.”  My recent favourite story was by Liz Tucillo. She is a Sex and the City writer and co-author of  He’s just not that into you. So she decided when the Republican convention came to NYC a few years ago (Bush administration) that she was going to make a statement and get arrested. Be a protester, make a difference! So she gets involved with a protest group and gets arrested. She’s sitting in the holding area waiting to get arraigned and she’s surrounded by all of these women for hours on end when she realises that she doesn’t have any allies in there. She’s forty-something and surrounded by either much younger women, or much older women. Her demographic was not being represented. The point of this story is ( a.) Go get The Moth podcast on itunes, it’s free! and (b.) I feel the exact way that Liz does. I am a 39 year old woman traveling alone, and I am unrepresented. The people in my age group that I see traveling are couples with young children. The majority of the travelers like me that I’ve seen and met are kids, and by kids I mean 18 and 19 years old and usually traveling in a pair or pack.  I hate to break it to myself, but I’m just not 20 anymore! I’ve met some older people as well, but most of them are traveling in couples. I have to admit, I relate more to the older (30+) than the younger (25-) but that is my demographic now, isn’t it?
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There are a lot of stray cats and dogs in Lagos, but that’s probably because no one neuters their friggin’ animals in Europe! I’ve never seen so many balls on dogs in all my life! Disgraceful. I need to get me one of these when I get home. It is time for the stripy tabby to enter my life.
Lagos is a walled town, and the entire historic center is contained by it. The majority of the old city was destroyed by the earthquake of 1755, but there is still some evidence of crumbling walls and ruins.
Lagos is in The Algarve region, and is best known for the beaches and grottos. It was so hot today, and I overdressed, but the views are spectacular from the cliff walk I took.
View of the Atlantic Ocean.
I can now say I’ve seen the topless sunbathers!
Another view of the wall.
Lagos is more white washed than tiled, but there are some buildings like this around still.
Stray dogs. Of course I want to take them with me.
I came across this strange little restaurant. I’m not sure about the Calypso/ Canada connection… On the topic of food, I had a very yummy lunch at this place that my hostel told me about called Casinha do Petisco. It was very authentic, only Portuguese people in there which is usually a good sign. I had a huge plate of prawns in their house sauce that was simply to die for. See the foodie tab for a pic. The sauce kind of reminded me of a butter chicken sauce, but with different flavours. There were whole cloves of roasted garlic in there and coriander, I think. My eating schedule is so wonky right now. I’m barely eating at all until like, 3:00, I’ll have a big meal, then be too full for dinner. So, then I’ll have dessert at dinner time and call it a day! But of course right now my tummy’s rumbling, so I’ll have a little snack from my “snack stash.”
This group of people were just sitting at a table drinking beer and singing.It was amazing, and they were really good. They weren’t asking for money, just doing it for the love of it, I think.
So, Christina W. challenged me to do a jumping random timer shot, so I did this one today! It was perfect, there weren’t too many people around and I could do it without looking like too much of a weirdo. But then see the next photo that I took when some people came by… too funny!
Nope, nothing going on here!
This is the site of Europe’s oldest slave market dating back to the 15th century.. It’s a museum that I’m going to try and visit tomorrow.


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  1. Michele May 8, 2011 at 9:03 pm #

    Still loving the Portugal pics and stories. Your comment about how people don’t neuter their animals in Europe really hit home for me—it’s the same in Norway! Tons of dog balls here. And WAY too many stray cats; it’s heartbreaking, it really is. Spaying and neutering is kind of a new concept here—apparently people used to routinely give their female cats birth-control pills! Can you imagine?

  2. Andrea May 11, 2011 at 3:59 pm #

    I just heard that exact same thing about France. What is the point of that? What a waste of time and money! Birth control for animals, now I’ve heard everything!

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