Ljubljana, Slovenia Day 50

I got into Ljubljana at about 4:30, and barely ate at all, so when I saw the McRONALD’s at the station, I just had to have a cheeseburger right then right there. But they have a different kind of french fry here in Slovenia called Kriz Kraz, and it’s kind of like a twice fried waffle fry. (see foodie tab for a photo. YES, I’m putting McDonald’s under the foodie tab!) I had the Spanish McDonald’s “patatas bravas” while I was there too, so see? It’s still a culinary adventure when I eat the junk… (:  I’m just going to admit it now, I’m going to eat McDonald’s at least once in pretty well every country, so I’ll report on all of the wonderful differences in the North American and European McDonald’s. Call it research. Hee.
OK, so back to Ljubljana. This is a really cool city. It has the old world charm, but it’s a really hip and happening place. I saw at least 3 great street musicians, and this great funk/jazz band was playing out front of one of the restaurants. There are loads of university students here, so I think that’s part of it, but it has a lot of cultural events and art galleries as well, so it has a lot to offer everyone. Not to mention the nature at it’s doorstep. I saw some beautiful countryside on the bus from Trieste. Farm land, mountains, villages. Very picturesque. It was a bit of a worry how I was even going to get to Ljubljana. The train from Venice and Trieste left late at night, and pulls into Ljubljiana at 1:40 am. What kind of screwy logic is that? It’s only a 2 hour bus ride from Trieste, and the train is about the same. WHY would there only be the one bad train time? Whatever the case, I did some research and found that the bus leaves 3 times a day from Trieste.
I kept seeing this poster around and for some reason it just made me laugh! Is it a comedy show? Is he a serious musician? Who knows?
Ljubljana Castle on the hill.
So I enjoyed walking the streets and just puttering around for a while. Had a cherry gelato, not bad, but not as good as Italy’s! The gelato here is uber creamy, too creamy for my taste. Then I went to a free concert at the Franciscan Church, built in the late 1600’s. I was thinking a nice light summer concert, but no… it was somber organ playing. It was interesting, and pretty cool to hear the acoustics of the church, but the organ playing wasn’t really mirroring the way I was feeling, so I headed out after about 25 minutes to listen to the funk band again, they’re more my speed right now! This is the Franciscan church where I saw the organ concert.
I was thinking as I walked “Man, I haven’t had sushi for almost 2 months and I barely miss it!” Not 20 minutes later I walk by this sushi place that had the conveyor belt of sushi going around and thought…”Oh, I DO miss it!” So I had a seat and enjoyed my Japanese beer, 2 rolls and gyoza. It wasn’t bad, it wasn’t great. The sushi rice was all wrong, but I was in need of a fix, so it did the trick. And yes, there was one Japanese guy behind the counter along with the Slovenian dudes.
Cobblers Bridge.
As I sit writing this, another HUGE  thunder and lightning storm is brewing. This must be the eighth or ninth electrical storm I’ve seen now… it’s more than I ever get to see at home. I love storms!


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  1. Melissa Mueller May 27, 2011 at 9:20 pm #

    Hey And,

    Do you know what they call a Quarter Pounder in France? A Royale with cheese. Please keep reenacting that scene with us throughout your journeys.


  2. Andrea May 28, 2011 at 9:55 am #

    Yes, I did have a Royal with Cheese already, after I tried ordering a “quartre libre aven fromage” and they had no clue what I was asking for…

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