London, England Day 1

Well, I made it to London safe and sound! I can’t believe this day has finally arrived. It really does kind of feel like “This is the first day of the rest of your life!”  It’s Day ONE of a 6 month adventure through Europe. I’m really happy that I’m starting it by staying with friends in London. A soft start, so to speak.
I had a terrible sleep on the plane due to two extremely drunk people sitting right behind me. I thought they weren’t supposed to let slurring, loud, clearly intoxicated passengers on a plane, but I guess I was wrong! They told the poor grandfatherly man sitting beside them that he better have the window seat because they’d been drinking *quite a bit* and would be getting up and down a lot to go to the bathroom.
She had been at a rave the night before, and had lost her voice (sort of) so for some reason she thought she would yell rather than talk. I was *this close* to telling her to be quiet, but refrained and turned my music up louder to drown her out.
I finally got to sleep because she had shut up for the time being when BAM! She was up again and chatting up the flight attendants. Very, very loudly. She must have needed another drink poo. And the thing that really ticked me off was that it was 2 am, the plane was dark, it was clear that most people were trying to get some sleep and the attendants were just chatting and having a gay old time with her. I WISH WISH WISH that I had gotten my tired butt out of that chair and lost my sh*t on them but I was too sleepy. It wouldn’t have gone down well…
Red telephone booth in London, England.
The red telephone booth!
Street scene in London, England.
London street…
Girl cuddled up in a bed.
My comfy bed for 3 nights.
So, having said all that, I am now refreshed and loving London! It’s so beautiful, even though it’s overcast and a bit misty. Kind of feels like home that way! I had a fabulous lunch with Katharine at Hibiscus in Oxford Circus and then we walked around for about 3 hours. To see all of these monuments and places I’ve only seen in movies! I felt like I did when I was in New York City for the first time. A little awestruck and very smitten with the accent. More so than the New York accent, naturally! (No offense New Yawkers!!! I love that accent too, in small doses.) I could move to Britain just to listen to people talk. I feel the same way about Italy. Who needs to know what they’re saying when they say it so NICE!!!!
Street scene in Oxford Circus.
Oxford Circus.
The National Gallery in London, England.
The National Gallery.
Trafalgar Square London, England.
Trafalgar Square. 
Lion statue in Trafalgar Square London, England.
Lion statue in Trafalgar Square London, England.
Me with a friendly lion.
Canada Gate at Buckingham Palace in London, England.
Canada Gate at Buckingham Palace.
Beefeaters in front of Buckingham Palace in London, England.
I wonder what those guards think about as they stand there all day long?

We did a little shopping too, of course! Since I’m on the first day of a 6 month “pull your bag around with you wherever you go” I’m not really buying anything. But I did have to buy a top in Anthropologie. It was on sale, and I needed it, really I did!

Easter display in Harrods in London, England.
   Floor mural at Harrods.
Egyptian display in Harrods in London, England.
Ceiling in Harrods in the Egyptian themed escalator. Wowza!



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  1. Anonymous October 13, 2011 at 3:19 pm #

    A couple of points of information:

    The photo of Trafalgar Square does not show Big Ben in the distance. What you can see is St. Stephen’s Tower at the Palace of Westminster [Houses of Parliament]. Big Ben is the bell that strikes the time.

    It is a soldier from one of the British Guards regiments outside Buckingham Palace. Different regiments undertake the duty in rotation. Beefeaters have no connection with Buckingham Palace nor perform any duties there. Beefeaters are ceremonial guards at the Tower of London.

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