London, England Day 174

I had a bit of a Murphy’s Law day today. My hostel was not as bad as I anticipated. So far I’ve had bad luck at every hostel I’ve stayed at, in terms of bad service, bad/no wifi and lost reservations. If you’re going to stay in a hostel, I could definitely recommend this one. My only beef is that you have to pay 5 pounds for 24 hours of wifi. That kind of sucks considering so many places give it for free. It also sucks even more when you pay for the wifi, enter the user info. into your iphone thinking you can use it for your phone AND your computer only to find you can use it only for one device. Hmmm, I sort of wish the guy I bought it from had told me that, I would have used it for my computer instead! And to boot, the wifi wouldn’t work in my room, only in the lobby. ANNOYING! So I know that Starbucks has free wifi all over the world and there was one down the street from me so I headed there in the morning to get some coffee and a muffin and to use their wifi. Well, is it strange to anyone else that the free wifi is most difficult to get in London? Oh my god! In most places I could just stand near the front door and log into the wifi without even having to go in and buy anything. Some places there would be a password printed on your receipt. Other places you would have to register, but once you did you would have 1 hour free wifi. Well, here in London you can only get the wifi if you buy a re loadable Starbucks card. My bill came to about 4 pounds so I decided I would just buy a 5 pound card to access the wifi. Easier said than done… First I had to register my card. I put in all of my info. and it wouldn’t accept the info. I went and asked the girls and they told me to enter a London address instead. Alright then, I’ll use my hostels address. Still wouldn’t work. It wanted the county in London. COUNTY? How the heck am I supposed to know? The girls didn’t know either so they said just put London. That worked… this is after 20 minutes of pissing around.  So, I spent about an hour updating the blog and figuring out what I wanted to do that day. I decided to just take the tube to Covent Gardens and walk to Piccadilly Circus from there. I was in for WAY more walking than I bargained for let me tell you!
The first thing I needed to do was buy some jeans. I sent my other jeans home with Paul and the pants I had would not do for Iceland so I simply HAD to shop! There was a Topshop close by so I just had to check it out, and hopefully the jeans shopping wouldn’t be too painful. I was horrified to discover that I was suddenly a size 14 (not that there’s anything wrong with that size, but I’m usually an 8 or a 10.) I was like, have I REALLY been drinking THAT much beer and eating THAT much cheese? Well, yes, but thankfully the nice sales boy came over and explained the sizing to me, and I’m still in fact an 8. Or maybe a 10. I can’t remember now but whatever the case I got some super cute skinny jeans!
Ah, how I love lashings of gravy.
I walked from Covent Gardens through Leicester Square, Chinatown and Soho. Then I made my way to Piccadilly Circus. There I got on the tube to go to Elephant and Castle where I was going to change trains to go to London Bridge. One problem, that line wasn’t running from that station today so instead I decided to just walk. I asked the kid at a corner store how long the walk would take and he said 20 minutes. Well, I walked and walked and walked and finally asked another kid at a corner store and he gave me more directions and also said 20 minutes… so I walked some more and asked a woman on the street, so she gave me additional directions and told me about 20 minutes. In all, I wasted about an hour and a half walking on an ugly busy road with zero charm. But I finally made it to the Tower Bridge and had a nice walk along the river back down to my hostel to pick up my bags and head to the airport for my flight to Iceland. I know I’ll be back to London, so when I return I’ll actually DO some stuff.
It’s everywhere.
It was so busy in here I didn’t dare go inside, but what an incredibly cool name for an ice cream shop!
Piccadilly Circus.
Self explanatory.
Tower Bridge, and so exhausted from so much walkies!
I am such a numb skull sometimes. As you know I’ve been cursing my monster of a rolling suitcase and was soooooo happy that today was the very last day I’d have to lug it around. I went back to my hostel to get my stuff and head to the Underground to go to the airport. Long story short, I walked all the way to the tube, only to discover that I’d forgotten my jacket at the hostel. (Bang head against wall.) I had to walk ALL the way back to hopefully retrieve it. Thankfully it was there and I returned to the tube station. I got on the tube, only to discover it was the wrong one. Right line, but it didn’t go all the way to the airport. Changed trains, got on the right one. Then had to spend the most uncomfortable 45 minutes standing on the tube battling the people getting on and off. Things just seem all the worse when you’re tired and anxious. Last hurdle, getting to Iceland. My flight would have been better if I didn’t have a man sitting beside me who took over the arm rest, invaded my space and ate peanuts. Eating peanuts, no problem. Sucking your teeth for 1/2 an hour afterwards VERY loudly? Not pleasant. The only thing I could do was put in my cheap ass ear buds and watch a terrible airplane movie. What movie? No Strings Attached. What was Natalie Portman thinking? I think this post is just further evidence to how ready I am to get home…. wah wah wah, poor me! Well, I’m excited for Iceland and to see my mom and sister, but after that I’m homeward bound, sigh.


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  1. Anonymous September 28, 2011 at 3:57 pm #

    Andrea, My mom-in-law and I have been happily following your travels since about midway through and we wish you all the best as you re-enter “normal life” whatever that may be. Selfishly, we hope you keep the blog going as the post-six-months-away thoughts and experiences will be interesting too!

    Thanks and take care,

    Betsy in California

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