Lyon, France Day 36

Had a great day with Jeanette in Lyon, She is a GREAT tour guide, and speaks le francais so can translate for me… it’s been so nice to just relax for a few days and not have to work so hard to get anything done. How do I get here? Where should I eat? What should I see? All that is taken away when you get to stay with friends and let them show you around. It’s awesome!
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So we went to the Saint-Jean Cathedral in Lyon’s old city. It had many stained glass windows that all had stories to them, which of course I can’t remember now. (:
I bought some candies here that looked really super yummy but were not great. They are pralines (like from pralines and cream ice cream) but red rather than natural colour like at home. They use them in pies and baked goods as well as just eating them as they are. They just didn’t have much of a flavour, they were just extremely sweet. Not bad, but not heavenly. To look at them kind of reminded me of the candy coated peanuts that you’d find in dolly mixture, but there isn’t a peanut in this! I also bought some Coussin de Lyon, which I enjoyed much more. It is a Lyonaisse specialty and consists of chocolate and marzipan. Look under the foodie tab for photos!
This was over the door of the candy shop. The building is from 1634.
We went to the Lyon Museum of Miniatures and Cinema. What a treasure this place was! 5 floors of itty bitty, teeny tiny things! I love tiny things! It was quite remarkable. This guy creates little maquettes of buildings, theatres, street scenes and whatever else you can think of, all by hand, all exceptionally small. It also has a pretty good sized collection of movie props which links to the fact that in film they use miniatures to do special effects and CG animation.  We spent almost 2 hours in the museum, there was so much to look at!
Life size robot from IRobot. Joanne and I made a necklace for Will Smith in that movie.
Tiny paper cuts. I’m talking under 2 inches by 2 inches. Those trees are cut paper! I think it just *might* be the work of a crazy person. I have no idea how anyone could do that!
Dan Ohlmann is the creator of the museum and much of the work inside is his. He is a master of replicating scenes and making them look so realistic. This run down old room looked so naturally dirty and grimy.
A super tiny fruit basket. Not even an inch high.
I did Art Deco chairs and furniture for my first year jewellery art and design year end project, so I was liking this collection.
In the old city they put out placards with the buildings name and date on it.
This was one of the apartment buildings inner courtyards. This tall one is the watch tower, which most of the old buildings had. People must have been constantly afraid that someone was going to attack back then. How awful would that be?
A lion in Lyon. There are lion motifs throughout the city.
This is part of some Roman Ruins right beside the Saint-Jean Cathedral. This was the site of 2 churches from about 150 AD. This was the oldest church in the west apart from Rome. Wow.
Saint Fourviere, the big church on the hill.


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