The Olympic Peninsula in stop-motion

The week before Easter I went on a little road trip with some friends to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State.

It’s funny how you take your own backyard for granted! I’d been thinking and dreaming of visiting the Olympic Peninsula National Park for years, but since it’s mere hours away from home I’d always brushed it aside as being something you could do any time. No time like the present, right?

Jordan and I took off a couple of days before Judi and Cotty (my partners in crime from my previous road trip this year) and we really lucked out with the weather. Two days of spectacular sunshine and sunsets that words simply cannot describe. Then the weather took a turn and proved itself worthy of the moniker “the wet coast.”

We were gone a total of 5 nights and that is just enough time to drive around the entire peninsula. If you want to linger in certain places (and trust me, you will) give yourself at least a week to be safe. There’s a lot to explore here – rain forests, beaches and did you know a certain vampire movie  was set in the town of Forks right here on the peninsula? That’s probably the least interesting thing about this area, but noteworthy nonetheless.

Oh, and if you do visit the Olympic Peninsula? Don’t forget your rain gear Seriously.

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My “fearless drawing” challenge resumes!

It’s been a long while since I did any drawing. I was on a roll there for a while, then I got busy, forgot about it and life went on. Funny, it was at about this same time last year that I started this challenge? Maybe it’s like spring fever, only DRAWING fever? Who knows! Whatever the case, I’m hoping to continue on with my practice and compile enough drawings to be able to start incorporating my own drawings into my collage work. Up until now I’ve been using B&W bookplate images from the late 1800’s, and they’re great, but as an artist (who loves to draw) I think my work will have more impact if I use my own drawings rather than those cool old images.

As for the fearless part, well, this is my challenge to myself. I’m trying not to be as hung up on perfection. To draw with abandon and not be able to erase. Yes, that’s right, I use only pen. If I make a mistake-who cares? I either crunch it up and throw it in the bin or continue on and try to salvage it. It’s remarkably freeing!

This week, it’s all about my friends dogs. I’d been promising Jenn Winter over at A Lady Away a drawing of her darling Essie, so I finally buckled down and did it! That led to to drawings of Oliver, Roxy and Toby Littledude.


Essie study #1


Essie study #2


Essie study #3


Oliver. He belongs to Katharine who I stayed with when I was in England.


This is Roxy. I’ve never met her before but she’s Jordan’s pup and lives in Toronto.


This is Toby. He used to be my neighbour and is quite the Instagram celebrity. You can follow him at toby_littledude


Study #2 of Toby.


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This is my 400th Post.

  It seems totally insane that I started this blog in October of 2010 and it’s now March of 2014. Seems like a good time for a little reflection, doesn’t it? So, how has my life changed in 400 posts? ~ I’m not a jewelry designer anymore. ~ I’m not in a long-term (14 year) […]

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Road Trip in Stop Motion

I had this little kernel of an idea as I was sitting in the customs lineup at the border about making a stop motion video about this road trip. I knew we were going to drive through so many different types of weather and terrain that it would be kind of cool to stitch it […]

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Only Crazy People Road Trip in the Winter

And by crazy I mean awesome, of course. On February 3 we set off on a bright, sunny (albeit a bit chilly) Vancouver day. It was Judi and Cotty and the Blue Gnu (it’s a blue VW Golf TDI) and me in my Mini Cooper which I aptly named “Mini Me.” I’d been trying to […]

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bc ferries

Hopping across the pond with BC Ferries

Vancouver Island is a stunningly beautiful island just an hour and a half away from Vancouver by ferry. You can depart from Tsawwassen to get to Victoria, or from Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver to get to Nanaimo. I was going to Parksville which is just 30 minutes from Nanaimo so it was a Horseshoe […]

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Sometimes things have a way of just coming together

I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since I last posted. It wasn’t deliberate, but it wasn’t entirely by accident either. I have so many posts in my head from this summer that I want to write. I took photo’s and video’s at festivals and markets and did the slow food cycle in Pemberton […]

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Allegra Stein just might have the best chocolate chip cookie going.

I met Allegra Stein online a few months ago and she answered my plea on Facebook when I asked if anyone knew of a REALLY, REALLY, REALLY good chocolate chip cookie recipe. I went to my local grocery store to get the ingredients I didn’t readily have in my pantry and whipped up a batch. […]

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